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Institut français, Paris, France

  • Seasons, Years, Festivals
    2016 Paris-New York Tandem
    New York events in Paris until December 2016
  • Ideas and knowledge
    China: a dialogue between cultures, urban citizens
    September 2016
  • Visual arts
    2016 Kenpoku Art in Japan
    from September 17 to November 20
  • Dance
    FranceDanse in Brazil
    Until November 15
  • Books
    South Africa, comic reporting for freedom of expression
    6 artists, 3 projects
  • Visual arts
    Orlan Exhibit in Seoul
    Until October 23, 2016

The Institut français and the French cultural network

Tools for international cultural action


An evening with Jane Birkin et Charlotte Gainsbourg

On January 29, 2016, actresses Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg discussed Jacques Doillon's 'La Pirate' and Lars von Trier's 'Antichrist', as well as their respective daring film careers. The ‘‘Actrices’’ (Actresses) exhibit by Kate Barry, produced by the Institut français, with a collection of 25 portraits of actresses, was to be seen during the entire period of this 19-film retrospective. More