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Architecture, Urban Planning & Landscapes

Major Events

Venice Biennale
The Institut français, in charge of ensuring French representation at the International Architecture Exhibit of Venice, organized every other year, is producer of the French Pavilion alongside the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
For the 14th international architecture exhibit of Venice (June 5-November 26, 2014), Jean-Louis Cohen has been entrusted with the role of Commissioner of the French Pavilion. Under the title of ‘‘Modernity, a Promise or Threat?” he has proposed a critical interpretation of the path of French architecture toward modernity through four unique cases illustrating the contradictions inherent in France’s “absorption” of architectural modernity.
Unsustainable Architecture
Launched in 2013 on the occasion of the Architecture Biennale of São Paolo, the ‘‘France-Latin America Encounters : Unsustainable Architecture?’’ event sought to create the conditions for a continuous and renewed international debate on the reality of current urban phenomena.
After São Paulo in 2013 (‘‘The City – Ways of doing, Ways of using’’), the second edition of these encounters took place in Colombia in 2014 based on the theme of ‘‘Public Areas and their Reappropriation’’.

Circulation of Architects, Urban Planners and Landscapers

The Institut français helps architects, urban planners and landscapers make their ideas and know-how known abroad.
Annual calls for projects, with files to be submitted on IFprog in the fall.
  • Hors les murs
Intended for professionals of French nationality or domiciled in France wishing to experiment and develop a specific project abroad.
  • Villa Kujoyama
Residency program for French designers and professionals, and Franco-Japanese tandems based on a common project.
Itinerant Exhibits
Two exhibits devoted to architecture have been proposed to the French Cultural Network:
  • Albums des jeunes architectes et paysagistes 2014 (Albums of young architects and landscapers 2014)
  • Extra Muros 2. Architectures en France : invention, liberté, diversité (Extra Muros 2. Architecture in France: Invention, Freedom, Diversity)

Professional Mobility

Exchange program for French and Japanese architects.
In 2013, exchanges led to the Kenchiku Architecture exhibit presented in Paris, followed by Tokyo and Osaka in 2014.
Architecture Rendez-vous in India
Franco-Indian Cooperation Program based on an invitation of French professionals for one-to-four-week assignments at schools of architecture, architecture platforms, associations or with the Indian public authorities in charge of urban development. Launched in 2011, the program was in its fourth edition in 2015 : “Face aux rives / Smart Heritage through waterfronts development” (April 1-12, 2015)
Vis-à-vis Architecture (Canada)
Launched in 2011, the aim of Vis-à-vis Architecture is to portray the diversity of knowledge, culture and practices in the realm of architecture in France and Canada and to initiate a dialogue including major actors in both countries.
In 2014: ‘‘Big City, Big Ideas’’, Franco-Canadian Forum in Toronto

Photograph: Jacques Tati room at the 2014 International Architecture Exhibit in Venice
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