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Artists in Residence

The Institut français’ artist-in-residence programs give young designers, artists, filmmakers, exhibit commissioners, authors, etc., from France and abroad, an opportunity to spend a few weeks, or months, in another country to develop their creative project, with the help of a scholarship or housing provision.
Immersion into another country, culture and language gives artists an opportunity to put their practices into perspective to help enrich their work. This sometimes gives rise to unexpected collaborative projects.

Major Residencies for Artists

  • For French artists abroad
Villa Kujoyama
Residencies in architecture/landscaping/urban planning, digital arts, plastic arts, comic arts, cinema/video, art reviews and exhibit commissioners, dance/performance, design/graphic arts, literature, fine crafts, fashion, musical creation, photography, theater
Hors les murs (Outside the walls)
Residencies in digital arts, street arts/circus/puppets, plastic arts, comic arts, exhibit commissioner, dance/performance, design, film/video/cinema, children’s literature, musical creation, performance in contemporary art, photography, architectural and urban prospective studies, theater
Louis Lumière
Residencies in cinema/essay and creative documentaries
Etant donnés residencies in the United States
Residencies in visual arts
  • For foreign artists in France
Cité internationale des arts (Paris)
The program is aimed at foreign artists from all around the world who wish to pursue a research project in Paris during a minimum period of three consecutive months, and that are supported by one or more cultural partners.
Residencies in: Architecture/landscape/urban planning, street arts/circus/puppets, digital arts, visual arts, comic arts, cinema/movies/video, curating projects, dance/performances, design, literature, youth book, fine arts and crafts, modern music and jazz, classical and contemporary music, contemporary art performances, photography, theatre, musics for films and video games, virtual reality.


Photograph above : « Corps en résonance », digital arts work produced by Naziha Mestaoui during herAbu Dhabi residency in 2013
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