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Bilingual Education

French-speaking bilingual classes are essential in reinforcing learning of the French language as well as non-linguistic subjects taught in French (History, Science, Mathematics, etc.). The actions already set up by the Institut français to support and promote bilingual education are intended for heads of learning institutions, teachers and trainers, French Cultural Network agents and students alike.
Nearly 1.7 million students benefit by French-language bilingual education programs, in 45 countries around the world.

Bilingual and Multilingual Education Fund

This fund backs actions to support and promote bilingual education programs conducted by the Cultural Cooperation and Action Services of Embassies and Instituts français in close cooperation with the national educational authorities.

Génération Bilingue Program

Through an educational itinerary on history, art history and science, the Génération bilingue program, open to students of ages 16 to 18 in French-speaking bilingual programs, aims to encourage new generations to learn the French language throughout the world.
In 2014, a video contest based on the theme of ‘‘Being a student in a bilingual class’’ enabled eight winners to take part in the July 2014 program.

Seminars and Study Programs

Each year in France, the Institut français organizes seminars open to key players in the field of bilingual education, namely heads of learning institutions (high school directors, school inspectors, etc.), teachers and trainers, network of Cooperation Attachés for French education and Educational Cooperation Attachés for bilingual education. It also supports regional seminars all over the world. Seminars and study programs are part of continuing education, contributing to broadening the skills of actors in the field of bilingual education.

Photograph: Flash mob organized in Bratislava, Slovakia, on September 26, 2013 for the European Language Day within the scope of a promotional campaign for the French language supported by the Bilingual Education Fund.
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