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The Institut français supports the book industry, the largest cultural industry in France, and one of the most international ones as well, by supporting the translation and screen adaptation of French works and fostering the travel of French-language authors all over the world. Writers are major vectors of France’s intellectual and cultural influence.



Supporting Translation

The Programme d’aide à la cession de droits (Publication and Rights Acquisition Assistance Program) supports the work of foreign publishers wishing to include in their catalog, either in their original or translated version, texts by French authors published in France. It is also in a position to provide aid to publishers in French-speaking countries of Africa, the Caribbean and Indian Ocean wishing to buy the rights of works initially published in France, in the aim of a new French edition publication at prices tailored to the local market.
Translator Training
The Institut français supports the training of professional translators in a number of regions around the world. Without the renewal of generations of French translators, there is a true risk of seeing fewer French texts translated, for lack of high-quality translators.
  • La Fabrique des traducteurs (The Translators' Fabrique)
In the form of workshops focused on French and another language, the Translators’ Fabrique brings together six young translators for a 10-week period, led by experienced translators.
  • Local Training Sessions
Local translator training sessions set up by the Bureaux du livre of the French Cultural Network in an effort to train literary translators from French into a local language can benefit from the support of the Institut français. In 2014 and 2015, for instance, a seminar on literary translation in Mexico and one on Children’s Literature in China were supported.

Promoting French Authors

The Institut français fosters the travel of French-language authors for encounters with the public as well as for writing projects, all over the world.
‘‘Authors Absent from Paris’’
The ‘‘Auteurs absents de Paris’’ program enables authors of the French language recommended by the French Cultural Network Abroad, who have had at least one work published in a local language, to take part in a major literary event, a wide-scale literary encounter or present their book on the occasion of the release of its translation.  
Special Editions
The ‘‘Special Editions’’ Program offers campaigns devoted to various editorial genres such as crime fiction and children’s literature, with exhibits, workshops and encounters, etc.
In 2015, this includes exhibits of the publisher École des loisirs for its 50th anniversary; a ‘‘French Crime Fiction’’ event at the Frankschhoek Literary Festival in South Africa (May 2015), with Frank Thielliez and Olivier Truc; the Children’s Book Festival of Noumea; “L'Île Ô Livres” with Claude K. Dubois, Satomi Ichikawa and Thierry Dedieu.
Stendhal Missions
The Stendhal Program supports French writers, or those living in France, who propose a writing project abroad, for a period of at least one month, through a grant covering the expenses during the stay. In return, the writers provide their assistance in cultural exchanges and dialogue campaigns conducted by the French Cultural Network outside of France (symposiums, public readings, encounters, writers’ workshops).

Book-to-Screen Adaptation

Shoot the book !
Organized at major cinematographic events around the world – the Cannes Film Festival (May 2015), Toronto International Film Festival (September 10-20, 2015), American Film Market of Los Angeles (November 8-11, 2015) –, ‘‘Shoot the book!’’ campaigns stand for professional meetings between foreign producers and French publishers in order to discuss film adaptation projects for French works. They are the fruit of a partnership with the Société civile des éditeurs de langue française and le Bureau international de l’édition française.
Prize for Crime Fiction-to-TV Adaptation
In 2015, a title of a crime novel likely to be adapted for TV will be selected by a panel of judges set up by the Société civile des éditeurs de langue française, Quais du Polar and the Institut français. The aim of this initiative is to give a boost to translators and foreign publishers.

Photograph: End-of-session reading at the Franco-Russian Translators’ Fabrique (2012-2013) © Philippe Soubias
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