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Circus, Street Arts, Puppets

The circus, one of the most appreciated fields by international programmers, where risk, vertigo and prowess give rise to stage directing and choreography, and where languages are perpetually renewed; with a puppet theater and object theater, emancipated from a limited field, opening up to a new public, sometimes combining dance, video, music; finally; street art, unconditionally remaining a "Made in France" signature, leading to orders and specific directing of events all over the world. In all these fields, the Institut français plays an expertise and consulting role with the French Cultural Network and programmers abroad, while supporting the mobility of troupes.

Circulation of Works

The Institut français actively assists French artists in the realm of the circulation of their works abroad, whether in a small or large format. The support provided is also directed towards Southern countries via the Afrique et Caraïbes en créations program. Annual call for projects, with applications to be submitted to IFprog in the fall.
French company Tours
In 2014, this included an Asian tour of "L'Immédiat" by Camille Boitel, French circus platform at the Complètement Cirque Festival of Montreal within the scope of FRIMAS 2014, a Brazil tour of "Post" by the Bang Circus and the tour of "Iopido" by Sylvain Julien, in Africa, and more.
African and Caribbean Artists on Tour
In 2014, this included the Maputo Mozambique project (created and directed by Thomas Guérineau) and jugglers Dimas Tivane, Ernesto Langa, Lourenço Vasco Lourenço, Dércio Da Carolina Álvaro Pandza, José Joaquim Sitoe and Vino Valdo.
Support for Festivals
A host of international festivals is being supported on five continents, such as Rendez-vous chez nous in Ouagadougou, Awaln'Art in Marrakech, Les Escales Improbables in Montreal, City Parks Foundation of New York, Santiago a Mil in Chile, Polo Circo and FIT in Buenos Aires, the International Circus Festival of Recife, KIT in Helsinki, KIT in Copenhagen, London Mime, the Sibiu Festival in Romania, SPAF in Seoul, the Croisements Festival in China, La Fête in Bangkok, Printemps français in Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam), Bonjour India (India), Melbourne Festival, Sydney Festival, Adelaide Festival, etc.
Performances extend beyond these major festivals by way of events set up by the Institut français within the French Cultural Network, particularly in Asia and Latin America.

Exchanges and Coproductions

In 2014, this involved Camille Boitel and "L’Immédiat" with the Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia (STSI) Bandung, Indonesia College of Arts of the Indonesian Ministry of Culture; David Bobée and the artists of Gata Cirko of Bogota, with "Dios Provera".
  • Hors les murs
This residency program is open to either French artists or artists residing in France wishing to experiment and develop a specific project abroad.
  • Visas pour la création
This residency program is open to young talents residing in Africa or in the Caribbean wishing to develop a specific research or creative project in France or in another country in Africa or the Caribbean.

Finding artistic events with FOCUS cirque

Focus is a program intended to help foreign professionals find artistic events in France, particularly for circus performances. Organized in partnership with popular events in France or partners able to mobilize foreign professionals, the programs offered bring together professionals for a given artistic path.
2nd edition of FOCUS, devoted to the circus, on October 17-21 in Auch and Toulouse.

Coproduction with the Circles Program

Circles aims to foster the coproduction of several wide-scale projects, especially with regard to the circus. It unites a circle of French and international partners for the production of a project by an emblematic artist and commits to handling the circulation of this project among its partners. This program thus helps federate foreign professionals for different artistic scenes.

Photograph: "L'Immédiat" by Camille Boitel, on tour in Asia in 2014
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