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Creation in Africa and the Caribbean

The Afrique et Caraïbes en creations program aims to help artists and cultural operators from both of these regions to develop both nationally and internationally.
Set up in 1991, it has been effective in enabling a host of talented artists to be discovered and in professionalizing operators and festivals that now play a decisive role in the circulation of artists and works alongside the French Cultural Network outside of France.

Supports for Festivals

The Afrique et Caraïbes en créations program supports cultural operators for the development of a large number of festivals in Africa and the Caribbean in all fields of the living arts. It assists in creation as well as in the presentation of artists and their works.


Africans Tours
The Institut français coordinates the organization of tours for French and African artists in Africa. These regional or Pan-African tours help demonstrate French contemporary creation and highlight the cultural diversity and quality of African artists, in 2014 with Smarty (Burkina Faso) for music, Aristide Tarnagda (Burkina Faso) and Jean-Paul Delore/Lézard dramatique (South Africa) for theater and the Compagnie Panaibra Gabriel (Mozambique) for dance.
International presence of Artists
Afrique et Caraïbes en créations encourages mobility by enabling artists to be present in international market channels and express themselves at major locations devoted to artistic creation. In 2014, Fatou Cissé, from Senegal, will be presented to a public in Brazil, and Commissioner Christine Eyene will offer the perceptions of photographers of African origin on issues regarding gender, entitled « Where we’re at », at the BOZAR Museum of Brussels.

Major events

Danse l’Afrique Danse
Now in a new triennial format, ‘‘Danse l’Afrique danse !’’ is part of a global approach to assisting young and professional artistic groups in the field of dance. The first two years will be devoted to discovering and assisting new choreographers in their creative process through residencies and regional platforms. November 2016 will see the fruit of this work at ‘‘Dialogues de corps’’ (Body Dialogue) and the International Dance Festival of (FIDO) organized in Burkina Faso. This program will begin in 2014 with the Tunis, Capital of Dance event in May and the Abok I’Ngoma Festival in Yaoundé (Cameroon) in November.
Bamako encounters
As a stepping stone for African photography, the Bamako Encounters (Rencontres de Bamako) will now open its doors to new images and videos. Attracting more than 400 international professionals in the first week of its opening, the Biennial offers greater visibility to the artists selected via a call for applications. At the end of this event, the exhibits then move to international museums and arts centers.
In operation since 1994, the Biennial, coproduced by the Institut français and the Ministry of Culture of Mali,  its last edition held in November-December 2011 was devoted to the theme of ‘‘For a sustainable world’’. The 10th edition is now in the making.


Networking and Access to Professional Markets

Équation Musique
Équation Musique, a program to support the African music channel, facilitates a dialogue between professionals on the African continent, more recently leading to the 8th edition of MaMA (Current Music Market) in October 2013.
Liaisons urbaines (Urban Links)
The ‘‘Liaisons urbaines’’ project is dedicated to highlighting public areas in African cities in the aim of making them more practical and pleasant places to live. Their actions include urban planning, design, art and heritage, bringing together inhabitants, cultural operators and actors in the field of living environments and visual arts, whether designers, architects or visual artists. Following the remodeling of Agonsa Honto Square in Porto-Novo, Benin in 2013, the second part of the program concerns requalification of the Chagoua à N'Djaména district in Chad, inaugurated on March 26, 2014. The next project will be in Casablanca.

Budding Creation

Aid for Creation
Aid is provided to projects involving creation in the scenic and visual arts via a call for applications, with files to be submitted to IFprog in the fall.
Artist Residencies : Visas for Creation
Visas for Creation is a residency program (3-6 months) for young talent. It is open to artists residing in Africa or in the Caribbean wishing to develop a specific research or creation project in France or in another country of Africa or the Caribbean. The residency program aims to enable artists to perfect their art, extend their visibility and give leverage to their career.


Training Sessions

Ateliers du monde - Worldwide Workshops
‘‘Ateliers du monde’’ serves to highlight expertise on the African continent through regional training sessions.
In 2014, 8 sessions were held as follows, in:
  • Cameroon: Professionalization of fashion and design trades in Cameroon (fashion)
  • Kenya: Performance Lab #6 Nairobi 2014 – Opio (dance)
  • Mali: Au-delà du mouvement (dance) and ‘‘Profession musicien’’ (music)
  • Senegal: AEx-Corps (dance) and AfroMiw (music)
  • Chad: Tchadanse (dance)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: Basi Na Mizik – Maryse NGALULA (music)
Visa for Training
The ‘‘Visa pour la formation’’ program assists African and Caribbean artists via long-term training provided in major European centers by way of scholarships, for purposes of professionalization. 2014-2015, Malian photographer Fatoumata Diabaté attended courses at the École supérieure d'art of Nancy. In 2013 and 2014, dancers Amaël Mavoungou (Gabon) and Patrick Aradja Bou (Democratic Republic of the Congo) benefited from a two-year degree program, “Exerce”, in Montpellier.

Photograph: Le Cargo by Faustin Linyekula/Studios Kabako, Danse l'Afrique danse ! 2012, Johannesburg (South Africa) © Suzy Bernstein
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