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The Institut français helps French dancers and choreographers abroad, whether in the realm of contemporary or urban dance. It contributes to the distribution of high quality artistic offerings, greatly appreciated abroad due to the variety of the esthetic value and constantly-renewed forms proposed, often combining dance, video, visual arts, live music, performance, digital technology, literature, circus, etc.

Major Events

FranceDanse sessions offer an outstanding event based on the French choreographic scene. Through solos, duets and groups scheduled to appear in major national theaters or in experimental venues and encounters with the public, FranceDanse above all reveals budding artists and independent troupes not yet widely produced abroad.
In 2015: FranceDanse Russia (June-December – 5 Russian cities – 5 French choreographers for cooperation and co-directing of works with Russian dancers); FranceDanse Italy (October)
Danse l’Afrique danse!
In a triennial format, Danse l’Afrique danse! is part of a global approach aiming at assisting young artistic teams and professionalizing the dance channel. The first two years help find and assist new choreographers in their creation process through residencies and regional platforms. November 2016 will show the result of such work within the scope of the Dialogues de corps Festival and the International Dance Festival of Ouagadougou (FIDO), organized in Burkina Faso. The first stages in 2014 and 2015 are the Tunis Capital of Dance Festival, in May of 2014, Abok I'Ngoma Festival, in Yaoundé (Cameroun) in November of 2014 and Duo Solo Danse Festival in Saint-Louis, Senegal in June of 2015.

Performances abroad

The Institut français helps French artists show their works abroad, whether in a small or big format. This support is also provided to countries in the South through the Afrique et Caraïbes en créations program.
Annual call for projects, with files to be submitted on IFprog in the fall.
Supporting Festivals
In 2015: Street Star Festival/French Urban Dance Exchange in Sweden; Shubbak Festival, Saddlers Wells and Tate Modern in the UK; French May in Hong Kong; H2K Festival in Brazil; ImpulsTanz Festival in Austria; SPAF Festival in Korea, Cali and Bogota Festivals in Colombia.
In 2014: French dance was particularly honored in Japan and Germany.
Regional Tours
In 2015: Thomas Lebrun/CCN of Tours in China and Hong Kong; Pierre Rigal in Asia and in Latin America; Julie Nioche in Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan

Exchange, Cooperation and Coproduction

Cooperation is promoted between French and foreign artists by way of co-directing works, residencies and training, while focusing on reciprocity (partnerships between French and foreign bodies). Seasons, Years and Festivals favor this type of collaboration, in the aim of promoting contemporary dance and participating in the organization of the local choreographic scene.
In 2014: Frimas in Canada, DanSe Dialogue in India, Urban Corps Festival in Washington.
  • Hors les murs
Intended for professionals of French nationality or domiciled in France wishing to experiment and develop a specific project abroad.
  • Visas pour la création
Intended for artists residing in Africa or the Caribbean wishing to develop a precise research or creation project in France or in another country in Africa or the Caribbean.
Creation Residencies
Particularly with Olivier Dubois for his "Souls" project in Egypt and Senegal (2014-2015), Eszter Salamon for "Monument 1" in the U.S. (New York, 2015), Julie Nioche in India (2015-2016).
Transmission, Training, New Creations
Olivier Dubois in Lebanon, Emmanuelle Huynh in Portugal, Maud Le Pladec in Russia, Fabrice Ramalingom in Brazil.
Circles favors the co-production of wide-scale projects, particularly in the realm of the dance. It attracts a circle of French and international partners for the production of an emblematic artist and commits to handling his/her circulation with these partners. This program also helps federate foreign professional circles.

Finding Artistic Scenes with FOCUS

FOCUS Dance aims at helping foreign professionals find French choreographic stages. Organized in partnership with the Lyon Dance Biennale since 2008, the third edition in 2012 focused on French artists working transversally in disciplines (dance, circus, theater, video, literature), has united nine troupes.
The next FOCUS devoted to dance in Lyon will be in 2016.

Photograph: “Tordre" duet, by Rachid Ouramdane, on the program of the Fortaleza Festival in Brazil in the fall of 2015 © Patrick Imbert
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