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Digital Education Programs


IFprofs Professional Social Network

Currently in its preparation phase, to be made available at the end of 2014, IFprofs is a cooperation tool to organize and assist professional teacher communities active at all levels of local education systems (learning of and in French at the elementary, middle school and university levels or equivalent). Comprised of interconnected national social networks, this program also answers to a willingness to pool digital resources, learning expertise and the costs involved in the creation of web tools, at an international level.

PRO FLE Training Programs

An e-learning program, PRO FLE is open to teachers of French as a foreign or second language wishing to strengthen their teaching skills. Intended for the professionalizing of teachers and trainers of the French Cultural Network (Instituts français and Alliances françaises) as well as for local schools and universities, the program offers four modules in this aim.

TICE (Education Information and Communication Technology) Fund

The Fonds TICE provides financial aid for actions encouraging the integration of digital technology in programs involving the teaching and learning of or in the French language (training programs or symposiums on the use of TICEs, developing digital programs and self-learning centers, experimentation and innovative pilot projects, etc.). It is intended for the Instituts français, cultural centers, Alliances françaises, Service for Cooperation and Cultural Action (SCAC) of French embassies and local partner structures supported by educational cooperation.


The IFmapp TICE application maps out the initiatives of the French Cultural Network in the field of new information and communication technologies for the purposes of teaching and learning French as a foreign language. Some of them concern multimedia resource centers, while others concern online education or e-learning, resource creation, on-site training, nomad tools, websites, smartboards and language tests.

Educational Resources

A host of digital resources, provided with learning documents, are made available to teachers of French as a foreign language all over the world, with films (short and feature films) to be downloaded from the IFcinéma platform, songs, concert recordings, reportages available on DVDs, online library for students via Culturethèque, etc.
The latest resources available are the Génération française 9 CD, a song compilation of 18 artists from the current French musical scene, and an educational kit for the ‘‘Albert Camus 1913-2013’’ exhibit.

International Week of French Language and Francophonie

The Institut français will be assisting the French Cultural Network in celebrating the French language in March devoted to the design and distribution of promotion and learning tools, a selection of authors to write new texts in ten words, a ten-word contest in the French as a foreign language section and enhanced programming.
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