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Focus Photography & Moving Images

The program in figures

The program

Establishing links between the foreign professionals and creative talents living in France, identifying new opportunities for the development of their careers, targeting influencer networks: these remains the key missions of the Institut français.
Organized in 2014 for the 1st edition, the FOCUS Photography /Moving images had welcomed ten curators and directors of institutions in the framework of Le Mois de la Photo and Paris Photo Fair, of which several exhibitions were generated and organized with French artists. 
This 2nd edition of Focus Photography / Moving Images will be held from 24 to 28 April alongside the first edition of Le Mois de la Photo du Grand Paris (The Month of Photography of the Metropolis of Greater Paris). The Mois de la Photo reaches today a historical turning point that will gather all the Paris region’s exhibits in a single programme. The participants will be invited to discover the French artistic scene through studio’s visits and visits of the diverse spaces dedicated to contemporary art (museums, art centres, foundations, galleries). Amongst others, this Focus includes a tour of SoixanteDixSept Experiment exhibition at the Centre Photographique d’Ile-de-France (Pontault-Combault) and « Hôtel du Pavot… » at  FRAC Ile-de-France/ le Château Rentilly, « Tous, des sang-mêlés »  at MAC / VAL, « Imprimer le monde » at the Centre Pompidou.


Sophie Robnard, Project Manager for Photography/Image

How to register

This Focus is intended for specific curators and stakeholders of Photography - Visual art fields, selected by the French Embassies abroad and by the Institut français in Paris.

The Partners

  • Ministry of Culture and Communication

    The Ministry of Culture and Communication aims to make the major works of humanity—and especially those of France—accessible to the largest number of people possible. As such, it maintains a policy of conservation, of protection, and of development of all components of French cultural heritage.  It promotes the creation of works of art and of the mind and the development of art practices and education.  It contributes, in conjunction with the other ministries, to the development of the artistic and cultural education of children and young adults throughout their entire development. It encourages local cultural initiatives, develops links between cultural policies of the state and those of regional governments, and participates as such in the definition and implementation of government policy in the field of decentralization. It monitors the development of cultural industries and contributes to the development of new technologies for sharing cultural creation and heritage. It implements, in conjunction with other related ministries, the actions of the State destined to ensure the influence throughout the world of French culture and artistic creation.  It contributes to cultural initiatives outside of France and to initiatives relating to the establishment of French cultural initiatives throughout the world.