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Hands-on Digital Exhibits

Two digital, hands-on exhibits are offered to the French Cultural Network, one devoted to World War I, the other to French writer Albert Camus.


Combining physical materials and digital content, the "14-18" exhibit will, alongside a host of events in many countries, mark the centennial commemoration of World War I. Aiming at expressing a multitude of experiences of war on the different continents, it evokes the diversity of fronts, with experiences and perceptions on and behind the front lines.

"Albert Camus 1913-2013"

In the form of a five-meter long fresco, the ‘‘Albert Camus 1913-2013’’ exhibit offers, in a multilingual format, broad digital content – excerpts, archive documents, videos, reviews. All are accessible via QR Codes and a dedicated application for tablets and smartphones.
Resources are brought together on the blog of the exhibit ‘‘Posterity, Camus 2013-2014’’.

Photo : the "14-18" exhibit