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Ideas and knowledge

Making French voices heard in discussions within foreign civil societies, and relying on a close link between human and social sciences, intellectual debates and scientific culture; that is the objective of the ‘‘Idées et savoirs” program, at the crossroads between scholarly and profane spheres, in a constant dialogue with academic and scientific institutions both in France and abroad.

Fonds d’Alembert

A program to foster debate, the Fonds d’Alembert (D’Alembert Fund) relies each year on the organization of about 50 discussions around the world, involving civil societies, local partnerships, public and private alike, with speakers from different horizons – academia, journalists, administrators, think tanks. For these symposiums, round table discussions and forums, simultaneous translation is offered to favor the communication of civil societies in their own language.

Ideas and knowledge South of the Mediterranean

This priority solidarity fund ‘‘Solidarity with the Youth from Southern Mediterranean Countries’’ aims to support the participation of actors from the young generation in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia in the public life of their country. The latest event was the Youth Mediterranean Forum, held in Tunisia, in May 2014.

Human and Social Sciences – New Intellectual Scenes

Through the movement of French researchers and intellectuals of today as well as the translation and distribution of their works, the ‘‘Human and Social Sciences – New Intellectual Scenes’’ program targets better international knowledge of a new generation of researchers. The objective is to renew perspectives in the different areas that make up the humanities by giving a broader voice to researchers who are expressing themselves on today’s issues in a pertinent manner.

Mobility Programs

The Institut français is offering promising young personalities from around the world three mobility programs enabling participants, during their stay in France, to strengthen their culture, thoughts, tools and know-how for their projects and commitments. Culturelab, LabCitoyen and SafirLab intend to to testify to the support of France in the training of young talent, through the presence at French cultural events, the encounters with personalities and social actors and the participation in customized training sessions.

Resources and Partnerships

Some resources:
  • Atlas de l’influence française au XXIe siècle, directed by Michel Foucher
  • Humanités numériques – état des lieux et positionnement de la recherche française, by Marin Dacos et Pierre Mounier
  • Les sciences humaines et sociales en traduction – États-Unis, Royaume-Uni, Argentine, study led by Gisèle Sapiro
  • 2013-2014 selection of books and discussions on the human sciences, by La Vie des idées, both in French and English
Different partnerships have been established to help the French Cultural Network in its work consisting in keeping a watch on major societal issues and on the latest news related to the French intellectual and scientific scene:
  • Collège de France
  • École normale supérieure, rue d’Ulm
  • Institut du monde arabe (Arab World Institute)
  • Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (Higher Institute of National Defense)
  • Institut national de recherche sur l'archéologie preventive (National Research Institute on Preventive Archeology)
  • Shoah Memorial
  • Universcience
  • La Vie des idées

Photograph: BarCamp on social change, organized within the scope of the SafirLab mobility program, in 2013 © Juliette Robert
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