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Itinerant Exhibits

The itinerant exhibits of the Institut français are devoted to contemporary art in all its forms (photography, chalcography, videos, mural painting, etc.), covering subjects such as fashion and its illustrations, new graphic images, experimental cinema, etc. They favor a cross-disciplinary approach to all these different forms of expression.
These exhibits can move all over the world. Designed in several copies, and made up of easy-to-transport elements, they can thus be exhibited in different geographic areas simultaneously.

Visuals Arts

Arts plastiques
Boîte-en-Valise, modular exhibit of an emerging French artistic scene
In 2015: in Europe
In 2015 : all regions
In 2015 : Europe
In 2015 : Africa
In 2015 : in Latin America and Asia
New Technologies
In 2015 : all regions
In 2015 : Asia
1998/2011, continuous projection (films by former students of the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs)
In 2015 : all regions
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Scenic Arts

In 2015 : all regions



Photograph: The "LuxInside, traces of Man’’ exhibit in Brazil