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The program in figures

The program

LabCitoyen is a program dedicated to major issues relating to human rights. In France, it calls on about 50 young committed citizens of ages 20 to 26, those who speak and are learning the French language, to receive training on such issues through a series of lectures and discussions.
For about ten days, participants from five continents will come together to give thought to major themes for an exchange of ideas at the international level. On topics such as digital stakes, discrimination, environmental conservation and healthcare rights, LabCitoyen endeavors to deal with the major issues of our time while promoting the French language as a tool for both discussion and action.
2013: Human Rights in the 21st century, New Challenges?
2014: Human Rights in the Digital Era
2015: Human Rights and the Environmental Challenges

2016: Human Rights and Healthcare


Marianne Vidal-Marin, Project Manager for New Actors in Citizenship

They Testify


Download the program LabCitoyen of the passed years

How to register

The Cultural Network Abroad, based on recommendations of the Institut français, carefully select participants via interviews, contests and public discussions.

Only the Cultural Network Abroad can initiate, introduce and validate an application. The application process is carried out in the winter via a platform for calls for projects, IFprog.

The Partners

  • Maison des Cultures du Monde

    For over 30 years, the Maison des Cultures du Monde actively works toward enrichening knowledge of the different forms of intangible cultural heritage and its origins through scientific works, publications, symposiums and calls for projects in collaboration with professionals and academia. It is today a renowned association in the French cultural landscape for its unique savoir faire in terms of research and consulting in everything related to such a singular heritage. It is for this reason that it has been designated as the ‘‘Centre français du patrimoine culturel immatériel’’ (French Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage).