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Multimedia libraries


There are over 400 French multimedia libraries abroad: open to the public, they give access to French culture and propose resources to those who learn French.
The Institut français manages this vast network though three leverages: the Aid to Multimedia Libraries Program, the production of tools for the French cultural network and professional training courses.

Le plan d'aide aux médiatèques ("Aid to Multimedia Libraries Program")

Each year a call for entries gives priority to projects aiming at modernizing libraries within the French cultural network abroad. This Plan d'aide aux médiathèques annually supports about fifty libraries, primarily for the acquisition of digital content, the creation of Bibliothèque de l'apprenant (a selection of resources for students of French) and the constitution of the fundamentals in the local language.


The production of tools for the French cultural network

Two collaborative platforms (Bibliothèque de l'apprenant, Collection France Contemporaine), were created in recent years to facilitate the creation of priority collections. In 2012, the Institut français opened a digital library, Culturethèque, available to all French cultural network abroad.

Professional training

Each year, several courses are offered to multimedia librarians working in the French cultural network abroad.
The Institut français also gives financial aid for the purchase of books, DVDs, audio CDs ) and library supplies. 
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