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Popular Music and Jazz

The Institut français provides French artists with expertise, consulting and access to international professional networks, and financial support for the promotion and circulation of their projects, in collaboration with the French cultural network abroad. It fosters the international development of French popular music and jazz artists, with a priority given to emerging artists. The aim is to facilitate their access to a new audience, and to assist them in the development of their international career.
International markets have become a major challenge for the music industry. Besides winning over markets for physical and digital distribution, the development of artists relies increasingly on opportunities for live performances abroad. This also enables them to meet and exchange with others artists in order to enrich their creative process.

International Tours

The Institut français supports the circulation of French artists all over the world with financial grants provided for regional tours, particularly in Asia, Latin America and Europe.
Projects and Partnerships in 2015
A series of concerts, artistic collaborative works and promotion in five countries of Asia (Mainland China and Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore) by French artists Juveniles, Manceau, Clarens and Yuksek in May 2015. The French Miracle Tour has given rise to a web series and a 52-minute documentary film.
  • International Tours of FAIR Winners
The 15 winners of FAIR, a support structure to boost careers and professionalization in popular music, take part each year in a ‘‘Fair, the Tour’’, as a result of a partnership with the Institut français set up in 2011. In 2015, the FAIR tours covered 17 countries, with 60 dates and the bands Isaac Delusion, Grindi Manberg, Smokey Joe and the Kid, Thylacine and Baden Baden touring in Asia and Latin America.
  • Winner’s Tour of the Inrocks Lab Contest
Within the scope of a partnership launched in 2015 between the Institut français and Les Inrocks, Minuit, the winner of the musical discovery contest ‘‘Sosh aime les Inrocks Lab’’ (jury selection) will be given support for a world tour in 2016.
Other examples of tours supported in 2015
  • North America
Cécile Bonacina (Canada, New Zealand); Cléo T. (Canada, US)
  • Latin America
Gush and Adanowski; Féloche; Macha Gharibian (Brazil); Karpatt (Central America); Samy Thiebault
  • Asia, Oceania
Brigitte (China and Japan); Émilie Simon (China, Singapore and Taiwan); Christophe Chassol (Japan); Fancy (Indonesia); Erotic Market (India); François and the Atlas Mountains (Australia); Gran Kino (Indonesia); Anne Pacéo (Southeast Asia); Émile Parisien and Vincent Peirani (Southeast Asia); Guillaume Perret (China); The Do (Australia, Japan)
  • Europe
Ibrahim Maalouf; Baden Baden (Russia); Cabaret Contemporain; Cléo T. (Italy); Electro Deluxe; Juniore (Russia); la Maison Tellier (Russia)
Jazz Support Fund
Co-funded by the Institut français, the French-American Jazz Exchange (FAJE) helps develop and assist collaborative projects by French and American artists.


  • French artists at international music festivals
The Institut français encourages the programming of French artists at a host of festivals, either devoted especially to music or pluridisciplinary.
Direct support for international Festivals
So Frenchy so Chic (Australia); Spotlight on French Jazz/the Jazz Festivals of Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver (Canada); Modernsky Festival, Strawberry Festival, Midi Festival and Focus on Jazz (China); Vive Electrolux (Colombia); French Quarter (US); Stéréoleto Festival (Russia); NH7 Weekender (India), etc.
Support for Bureau Export offices (Germany, US, UK, Brazil and Japan)
The Institut français provides financial supports to Bureau Export offices in order to help projects initiated with local partners on these market territories: Reeperbahn Festival and Pop Kultur (Germany); Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Convergence (UK); South by Southwest, New Music Seminar and CMJ (US).
Showcases and professional networking platforms
Dong Dong (China); Music Matters (Singapore); professional encounters of the music industry of Japan (Bureau Export); Jazzahead (Germany); SIM (Brazil).
Initiatives of the French Cultural Network
Croisements (China), Bonjour India (India), FRIMAS (Quebec, 2014), Festival XXF – Very French (Turkey), Croissant électrique (compilation and tours, Russia, 2015).
  • Exporting music festivals
The Institut français helps export French engineering for festivals: the La Voix est Libre Festival in Tunisia and Lebanon (March-April 2015); Disquaire Day within the scope of the  Paris-London Tandem (April 2015); Marsatac in Colombia and the Equator (November 2014 and 2015); the Eurockéennes de Belfort/Summersonic Festival partnership in Japan (July-August 2015); the Kiosquorama Festival in Europe (summer of 2015); Nuits sonores à Tanger (October 2015).

Networking and Access to Professional Markets

The Institut français, in close collaboration with the French Cultural Network abroad, contributes to opening up new markets and fostering new opportunities for the French musical scene by connecting French professionals with international musical networks.
Discovering artistic scenes: FOCUS on French Popular Music
The FOCUS on Popular Music aims at helping foreign professionals discover the French musical scene and bringing them in contact with professional networks. Organized in partnership with MaMA (music festival and convention) and Bureau Export in October 2013 and 2014, the first two editions of the FOCUS devoted to Popular Music attracted nearly 150 professionals from 40 countries, invited to discover the French musical scene and meet with French professionals through roundtables, speed meeting sessions , etc. so as to create new opportunities for the development of their artists.
The Institut français also sets up FOCUS in many other fields: Performing Arts, Contemporary Music, Visual Arts, Photography, Dance and Circus.
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