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10th São Paulo Architecture Biennale

The 10th São Paulo Architecture Biennale, whose theme is “City: ways of making, ways of using”, was held in November 2013.
The “X Bienal” offered a radical change in its concept and format: instead of a simple presentation of architecture projects and its designers, this edition intended to stimulate reflections and raise awareness around the city and ways of appropriation. The curator was be Guilherme Wisnik, architect and architecture critique.
France participated in a cross-country cooperation through a series of events with Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico and Haiti, under the project “Unsustainable Architecture”.
  •   Talk by architect and town planner Philippe Panerai, October 30, 2013  
  •   Visit to Mutirao Paulo Freire, with Jean-François Parent et Olivier Mongin  
  •   Exhibition during the Biennale