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20th Los Inrocks Argentina Anniversary Celebration with the French Waves Project

Following last spring’s success in New York, the French Waves transmedia experience will move onto Buenos Aires on December 2-5 for the 20th anniversary of Los Inrockuptibles (Argentina), with the support of the Institut français.
Comprised of a documentary, web series, digital platform, hands-on master classes and world tour, French Waves offers major moments in electronic music, from the 90’s up until today.
Created by filmmaker Julian Starke and produced by Guillaume de la Boulaye, it also reveals a generational phenomenon, the history of going from generations X, Y and Z, with those who were 20 in the 90’s as well as the digital natives. The French Waves spirit is true to what has been giving life to the French electronic scene since it first began, above all innovation, audacity, diversity, sharing and conviviality.
Before its official launch in 2017, then to be rolled out all over the world, a French Waves event has been organized in Buenos Aires on December 2-5, for the 20th anniversary of Los Inrockuptibles Argentina.
On December 2, emblematic artists Jacques and Clara 3000 from the latest French electronic scene, will enchant the public for 3 hours of sound, on an electronic music journey.
Starting at midnight, at the Niceto Club.
On December 5, a hands-on master class on electronic music and the French Touch, led by Jacques et Julian Starke, French Waves filmmaker, has been organized at the Alliance Française.
At 7:30 p.m.  at the Alliance Française of Buenos Aires Auditorium.



CLARA 3000

A campaign set up with the support of the Institut français and French Embassy in Argentina, the Alliance Française of Buenos Aires, Les Inrockuptibles, Niceto Club, UNLOCK and INCAA.
In partnership with CSTAR, FRENCH WAVES also benefits by the support of the CNC, Sacem, City of Paris and Cultural Agency (Agence culturelle) of Alsace.
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