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Bienal de la Imagen en movimiento in Buenos Aires

The 3rd edition of the Biennale on Images in Movement, devoted to the development of new image technologies in the realm of contemporary art, will this year welcome several French artists, prepared in collaboration with the Jeu de Paume Museum.
The Biennale of the Image in Movement, initiated by the Universidad Nacional, is an event devoted to developing new image technologies in the realm of contemporary art. This year, a host of French artists will be on the program in collaboration with the Jeu de Paume Museum, namely Natacha Nisic, Valérie Jouve and filmmaker and visual artist, Jean-Gabriel Periot.

Valérie Jouve

Work presented
Traversée (18’ France - Palestine | 2012)
After studying Anthropology, Valérie Jouve attended the Higher National School of Photography of Arles before becoming a photographer and filmmaker.
Valérie Jouve’s photographs and films are works of contemporary art as well as creative documentary, anthropology and sociology. Showing characters in movement and architecture, the presence of the body in the city is questioned as well as the manners in which space is taken up.

The movie ‘‘Traversée’’, begun in 2010, portrays seven Palestinian cities where Valérie Jouve went for the first time in 2008. The film represents a road movie of an off the wall, improbable trio made up of a child, puppeteer and puppet. These characters serve as passers from this territory; they reinject life into daily reality outside the dramatic conflict that transpires within, thus creating a form of utopia.


Natasa Nisic

Work presented
f, comme Fukushima (17’ 17’’ France, 2013)
In Natacha Nisic’s work, constant research is being made into invisible, or even magical relations, between images, words, interpretation, symbols and rituals. Her work weaves ties between stories, past and present narration, to reveal the complex relations entertained between what is shown and what is hidden, said or not said. Winner of the Villa Kujoyama program in 2001 and Villa Medici in 2007, Natacha Nisic has presented a host of exhibits questioning the image by making a play on different media, namely super-8, 16 mm, videos, photography and drawings.
In f, for Fukushima (2013), the artist goes to Fukishima two years after the catastrophe to take a look at the landscapes, villages and beings having undergone the ravages of the tsunami and the radiation exposure of the nuclear power plant. Using a 25-meter travelling device as well as mirrors 30-cm wide set at different intervals, the artist helps encompass, at the same time, the shot and countershot, the before and after, thus conjugating time as it moves, as well as space, in a glimpse.

Jean-Gabriel Périot

Works presented
Nos jours, absolument, doivent être illuminés (22’ 23’’ France | 2012)
We Are Become Death (4’ 18’’ France | 2014)
The Devil (7’ Francia / France | 2012)
Les Barbares (5’ France | 2010)
Under Twilight (5’ 5” France | 2006)
Eût-elle été criminelle?  (9’ 39’’ France | 2006)
Undo (10’ France | 2005)
Dies Irae (10’France | 2005)
We Are Winning Don’t Forget (7’ France | 2004)
Born in France in 1974, Jean-Gabriel Périot directs short video and reel films. He has developed his own editing style, between documentary, animation and creative video. His work repeatedly questions violence and history. Films such as We Are Winning, Don’t Forget (2003) were edited and distinguished at many international festivals.
  •   Valérie Jouve : Traversée © DR  
  •   Natacha Nisic : f, comme Fukushima  
  •   Jean-Gabriel Périot : Recordando la historia, reconstruyendo la memoria © DR