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Camus 1913-2013 Digital Exhibit

For a hands-on digital event, this exhibit celebrated the centennial of the birth of the famous writer and philosopher, Albert Camus. It was shown all over the world in 2014.
The Institut français has launched an exhibit with a new digital and paper concept, the first one to be dedicated to Albert Camus. It will be made available to the French cultural network abroad within the scope of the French author’s centennial (on November 7, 1913).
All the content – critical essays, documents, videos – is already available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and German thanks to the translations made by the New York, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Beirut and Berlin branches. Further translations into Albanian, Indonesian and Polish are now in progress.
The project has been made possible by the partnership with the Gallimard publishing company and École Normale Supérieure for the preparation of general and scientific content, and produced with the support of the National Audiovisual Institute (INA), the Agency for the Teaching of French Abroad (AEFE) as well as the “Cellules” multimedia creation studio.
The exhibit was inaugurated in October 2013 in Argentina (at 26 venues in the city of Buenos Aires), in the southern countries as well as in the US, Canada and Greece.
The exhibit travelled all over the world in the French cultural network institutions, the AEFE as well as with their partners, particularly in Germany, Algeria, China, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Russia and Turkey.
Follow the exhibit on Twitter with the dedicated hashtag: #expocamus
Download the exhibit presentation

Download the exhibit communication kit from the Resources area (in French)

  •   The Camus Exhibit launched at the Institut français de Thessalonique (Greece), November, 7, 2013  
  •   A smartphone or a tablet is needed to access the exhibit contents.  
  •   The exhibit is translated into 5 different languages (further translations are now in progress).  
  •   Archives from the Camus Exhibit.  
  •   Quotes by Camus can be shared.  
  •   The exhibit is shown all over the world.