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Colombia: The Balcon Ensemble Breathes New Life into the Garras de Oro Film

The Balcon ensemble rekindles the Garras de Oro film during its Colombian tour on March 12-15, 2015.
Mysteriously designed by anonymous persons, withdrawn in a rush by censorship in Latin America, before disappearing for over 50 years, the Garras de Oro film begins with the events that led up to the early 20th century, at the time of the independence of Panama with respect to Colombia. We see Uncle Sam lustily gazing at a map of Colombia before tearing Panama away with its long golden claws. Juan-Pablo Carreño, Colombian composer and Co-Artistic Director of the Balcon ensemble, has set up this project in the form of a café-movie concert for two voices, Soprano Elise Chauvin and Countertenor Guilhem Terrail - ensemble and electronic sounds.
Colombian filmmaker Luis Nieto has also taken action on this original film, reconstructing certain scenes, in an original manner, that fall in line with different moments of this anonymous cinematographic work. The character of Uncle Sam finds a disturbing echo in the person of conductor Maxime Pascal, who leads the Balcon ensemble before the public. These events make the café-movie concert a total show in itself, where instrumental music, narrative illustration, political manifesto and questions on national identity come together, connect and respond to each other.
The Balcon ensemble was part of the French ensembles presented by the Institut français within the scope of the Focus on Contemporary Music. On June 10-14, 2015, for the Manifeste Festival of Ircam, 50 contemporary music programmers, from over 25 countries around the world, were invited to Paris for professional encounters dedicated to French contemporary music. The Balcon created, for the occasion, a new work by Michaël Levinas, La Métamorphose, at Théâtre de l'Athénée.