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The Documentary Film Month : more than 35 countries participating in 2016

Partner of the Documentary Film Month, the Institut français is going international, from November 1 to 30, 2016, with this event organized in France by Images en Bibliothèques.
For the public and professionals alike, Documentary Film Month will be inaugurated in Paris on October 25 by the BPI (Public Information Library) at the Pompidou Center, where the film, Dernières nouvelles du cosmos by Julie Bertuccelli will be screened in the filmmaker’s presence.
The Institut français promotes the Documentary Film Month abroad by offering to its French Cultural Network in the world and to its partners three theme-based programs showing the best there is to offer in recent production and young creation in the documentary genre (trials, first films by young filmmakers and recent documentaries out in theaters or scheduled for festivals).
For one month, more than 35 countries will take part in the event with the help of the Instituts français, Alliances Françaises and a host of partners and festivals.




▪ Tragi-comédie du réel: 5 films scrambling the frontiers of fiction and documentary, between comedy and tragedy.
  • La Faille by Nino Kirtadzé 2015
  • Pauline s’arrache by Emilie Brisavoine 2015
  • La Mort du dieu serpent by Damien Foidevaux 2014
  • C’est eux les chiens by Hicham Lasri 2014
  • Le Challat de Tunis by Ben Hania Kaouther 2013
▪ Coup de projecteur Festivals:  4 awarded documentaries
  • C’est quoi ce travail by Luc Joulé et Sébastien Jousse 2015
  • La Permanence by Alice Diop 2015
  • La Montagne magique by Andreï Schtakleff 2015
  • Je suis le peuple by Anna Roussillon 2014
A passionate and new story of the Louvre, a visit on the sidelines of major French institutions in five films, with Nicolas Philibert and Frederic Wiseman. Also, a special Louvre program in 10 films, entitled ‘‘Aller plus loin avec le Louvre’’.
▪ Les Ateliers Varan: The best to be viewed in 12 films directed in France and elsewhere within the scope of the Ateliers Varan, displaying perspicacity and diversity from the points of view of young filmmakers.
▪ L’Eurométrople de Strasbourg: A selection of seven documentaries produced locally and supported by the Eurométropole of Strasbourg, to discover new writing creation.
  •   L'affiche du Mois du film documentaire 2016  
  •   Dernières nouvelles du cosmos de Julie Bertuccelli  
  •   Le programme du Mois du film documentaire