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Europe faced with the Demographic Challenges of the 21st Century

A new Franco-German cooperation project, a seminar was devoted in Croatia to the European demographic stakes.
The Institut français and the Goethe-Institut of Croatia organized, on December 10 and 11, 2015, at the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, an encounter entitled ‘‘Societies and Public Policies in Europe with regard to the democratic challenges of the 21st century - birth rate, aging and migration. Three paths: France, Germany and Croatia’’.
This event, set up in partnership with the Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies, benefited from the support of the Franco-German Cultural Fund that fosters Franco-German cooperation in third countries.

About the Encounters

Europe is seeing its population age and birth rate plummet. The wave of refugees and migrants arriving at the gates of Europe is increasing the scope of this debate on demography in Europe. While this migratory flow is stirring up concerns according to the public opinion, as exploited by populist movements, the European political class appears to be divided as to the solutions to be provided. In this context, this seminar opened up an opportunity, by giving the floor to experts, to take the heat out of the debate and hear those who affirm that immigration may represent an opportunity for European economies and societies.

Main Speakers

  • François Héran, Research Director at the Institut national d’études démographiques (National Institute of Demographic Studies)
  • Dana Diminescu, Lecturer-researcher in Sociology, Digital Sociology of migration
  • Anne-Marie Guillemard, Doctorate in Sociology and in Literature and Human Sciences, Sorbonne and EHESS
  • Christian Hunkler, Munich Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy
  • Sanja Klempic Bogadi, Researcher at the Institute of Studies on Migration
  • Stephan Sievert, Institute of Berlin for the Population and Development
  • Drago Zuparić-Iljić, Researcher at the Institute of Studies on Migration (Zagreb)
Round table No. 1 - ‘‘Overview of Demography in France, Germany and Croatia’’
Round table No. 2 - ‘‘The Challenge of Aging in European Societies. What are the Political and Economic Responses?’’ 
Round table No. 3 – ‘‘Demography, Immigration/Emigration… and Living Together’’      
  •   François Héran, Institut national d'études démographiques