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« Finir en beauté » on an International Tour

Following his creation at the Actoral Festival in Marseille and his revelation at the Avignon Festival in 2015, the play by Mohamed El Khatib is setting out for an international tour.
On February 15-21, 2016, ‘‘Finir en beauté’’ by Mohamed El Khatib, will be in Cairo and Alexandria before traveling to Morocco, Chile, Italy, Mexico and the US.
Presented to program coordinators all over the world as part of the Focus on Performing Arts organized by the Institut français and Onda in October 2015, Finir en Beauté has been enthusiastically and unanimously received. Mohamed El Khatib was invited in January 2016 to the Artists Fair organized within the scope of the APAP in New York, then to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre (REP) in the UK, for a series of performances of his play.

Finir en beauté (Ending on a High Note), 2014

Mohamed El Khatib wanted to write a text based on interviews conducted with his mother. On February 20, 2012, death interrupted it all. On her hospital bed, his mother asked, ‘‘No operation or anything? — No, nothing. There’s nothing more they can do.’’
The interior crumbling of the orphaned son is embodied in a discontinuous narration presented in a composite form, with newspaper cuttings, emails sent and received, telephone messages, text messages, pieces of exchanges with the father, transcriptions of recordings, videos, etc. The intimate materials used embrace fiction and documentary. These snapshots of life evoke the family, country, mother tongue, memories, mourning. Through this moving, as well as caustic and funny cartography, Mohamed El Khatib, alone on stage, relates this autobiographic tale.

Mohamed El Khatib

Author and stage director, Mohamed El Khatib endeavors to confront theater with other media (cinema, installations, newspapers) and observe the product of such friction. Following literary studies (khâgne), at Science Po (School of Political Science), then at the Drama Center of Mexico City, and an uncompleted thesis in Sociology on ‘‘Reviews in the French Press’’, he cofounded the group Zirlib in Orléans in 2006, based on a simple premise, esthetics are not devoid of political meaning.
This group is the fruit of an encounter between authors, performers, dancers, video makers and musicians from all different horizons. He sees contemporary creation as an experience, a sensitive, social gesture of the most demanding esthetic dimension having to face the most commonplace daily life.
The starting point is always an encounter, an encounter with a housekeeper, a shepherd, a voter for the French National Front party, a sailor. From these encounters, research protocols come into place, ending in forms, each one able to be immediately grasped.
Zirlib is also active in three areas, contemporary creation in the performing arts in France and abroad, research into the rapport between the arts/human sciences/technological sciences and artistic action with ‘‘peripheral’’ audiences.

2016 International Tour

  • January 3-16: APAP Artistʼs Salon, New York
  • January, 26-27: REP, Birmingham 
  • February, 15-21: Institut français in Alexandria and Institut français in Cairo
  • March, 5-13 : Institut français in Marocco
  • June 26 - July 10: Chili
  • July 23-24: Italy
  • August 10- 20: Mexico
  • September 25-26: United States