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First online French lessons by the Institut français for the cultural network

‘‘Frantastique’’ is the first brick laid for online lessons and an application catalog by the Institut français for language centers of the French Cultural Network Abroad.
To adapt to new uses of digital technology and meet the expectations of a public open to learning French as a foreign language in an ever more mobile form, language centers can thus hope to complete e-learning offers by way of online training programs. In line with this momentum, the Institut français now provides the Institut français and Alliances françaises with online lessons at negotiated rates, with ‘‘Frantastique’’, developed by Gymglish.
These lessons, which rely on sending out e-mails, is based on an artificial intelligence engine that makes it possible to build an evolving, tailored program. It is open to all learners wishing to perfect their French, autonomously or together in an e-learning class. Via regular lessons, portable media and humor, these lessons foster a commitment on the part of the learner, making learning fun and tailored to the latest educational methods.
‘‘Frantastique’’, the first online course proposed by the Institut français, will begin in September, 2016. Its first offerings in terms of lessons, will be completed, hence enriched, in 2017, with the addition of new online lessons and applications.
This offer follows a study, Étude sur les cours de français en ligne dans le monde (Study on Online French Courses around the World) conducted in 2014, which helped map out the offerings available and take stock of the French Cultural Network’s needs in terms of online course engineering.

Three-phase assistance

The Institut français assists all French language centers in including this offer in their catalog, as well as in the distribution and design of a hybrid offer combining e-learning lessons and online education.
Integrating the offer
The centers interested (Instituts français and Alliances françaises) are invited to test the class and see the different documents needed to make this course offer accessible (access reserved for network members).
  • Presentation on ‘‘Digital technology in the educational sector, particularly in the realm of teaching French as a foreign language)
  • Prerequisites the center must meet in order to ensure the success of a new online and hybrid course offer
  • Details on the contractual offer proposed by the Institut français
  • Presentation of ‘‘Frantastique’’ (course operation, learning principles, etc.)
  • Step-by-step procedure, setting up the course in the center concerned
Professionalized Distribution
The Instituts français and Alliances françaises that have decided to include this online offer will subsequently be assisted in professionalizing their distribution, relying on advanced web marketing strategies; namely, by optimizing the institution’s website, creating traffic, distribution strategy for all social media, conquering mobile terminals, etc.
Hybrid Offer
The Institut français will also provide assistance in putting together a hybrid offer: defining the concept, proposing mixed course packages and methods for calculating and defining a price policy for this type of course, as well as the teacher’s role with regard to these new learning methods.