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French Dance at German Festivals

With Made In Potsdam, Tanztage of Berlin, Dance Biennale of Heidelberg and Imaginale in Stuttgart, France is being honored in Germany.

Made In Potsdam

With danced portraits, readings, improvised music, installations, paintings, etc., there’s no separation of art forms at Made in Potsdam, with new works invented for a period of four weeks. On the Festival program are: Mickaël Phelippeau with llamame Lola, Malgven Gerbes and David Brandstätter with AIR and Ivana Müller with Bords.
In 2015, Ivan Müller benefited from Transfabrik funds for this creation.
  • AIR, Malgen Gerbes/Cie Maj de – January 16-17
  • Llamame Lola, Mickaël Phelippeau – January 17-18
  • Bords, Ivana Müller, Gefördet le Fonds Trans Factory – January 29-30

Tanztage (Berlin)

There’s wonderful news for France also at the Tanztage Festival, where Aline Landreau will present, in collaboration with musician Antoine Monzonis-Calvet, the first performances by VOX. Focusing on the musical, or even noise-creation dimension of her voice, Aline Landreau has been perfecting one of the key elements of her choreographic work, namely the physical, immediate, hence spatial and sound dimension. Jule Flierl will present Un son n'a pas de jambes sur lequelles se tenir (A sound has no legs to stand on). Inspired by this quote by John Cage, the artist sets up a core of spatial sounds on stage, all sounds coming from the artist herself. The audience is asked to choose a spot in the room, and to feel their individual sound experiences. Dance and music come together in her voice.
  • Aline Landreau - Vox/January 7- 8
  • Jule Flierl - Un son n'a pas de jambes sur lequelles se tenir/January 13-14

Biennale de Danse / Heidelberg

The new Dance Biennale of Heidelberg will be held once again, on January 22-31, 2016.
For an energy-filled opening, the French troupe Wang/Ramirez will be presenting a duo at the Marguerre Room at the Heidelberg Theatre. Other guest troupes, from all over the world, promise us a program that is as just as exciting; Guilherme Botelho, Chris Haring, Maura Morales and above all Rizzo, the new Director of the Choreographic Center of Montpellier.
  • Cie Wang Ramirez - Borderline / January 22
  • Christian Rizzo - D'après une histoire vraie / January 24

Imaginale à Stuttgart

The 2016 edition of the Imaginale Festival will take place in Stuttgart, Mannheim, Heilbronn, Eppingen, Schorndorf and Ludwigsburg, offering every other year a selection of object theater productions for adults as well as for a younger public. At the crossroads of dance, performance, visual arts and new media, the creations of Pierre Meunier, Gisèle Vienne, Jardins Insolites and Plexus Polaire will be presented to the audience.
  • Pierre Meunier in Stuttgart - Champ de bataille/January 22-23
  • Gisèle Vienne in Heilbronn - The Ventriloquist Convention/January 24-26
  • Cie Jardins insolites in Stuttgart - Qui dit gris?/January 27, 29, 30, 31 and February 1st
  • Plexus Polaire in Stuttgart - Cendres on January 27 and Opéra Opaque on January 28, 29 and 30
This program has been set up in partnership with the Bureau du théâtre et de la danse / Institut français of Berlin.

Photograph above: Bords, by Ivana Müller, presented on January 29-30, 2016 at the Made in Potsdam Festival © Franck Boisselier
  •   Ivana Muller : Edges © Franck Boisselier