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Honoring French Dance in Japan

By way of tours, performances and residencies, French Dance was honored in Japan in the fall of 2014.


Japan, October 4-19
Choreographers Cécilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud have inventively created a crazy night at a club for their dancers, making a play on sexual identity, paying a tribute to nightclub dancing, also revisited. Hailing from London, two DJ virtuosos will accompany hallucinating hip-wiggling movement with an explosion of breathtaking electro/house sounds.
Three major venues for contemporary creation in Japan have come together to launch a common invitation: the Kochi Museum, Aoyama Round Theater in partnership with Spiral Hall, and the Kyoto Experiment Festival.
  • October 4-5 : Aoyama Round Theater in Tokyo
  • October 11 : Kochi Museum
  • October 18-19 : Kyoto Experiment Festival
Intérieur by Jean-Baptiste André
Japan, November 28-30
Innovative work at the crossroads of several art forms, in which Jean-Baptiste André, from the Centre national des arts du cirque (National Center of Circus Arts) of Châlons-en-Champagne, calls on contortions, dance and videos for a piece devoted to the concept of balance, as questioned in its relation to space.
  • November 28-30 : Owlspot Theater in Tokyo


Hors les murs Residency of Catherine Contour
Japan, October 6 - November 30
Catherine Contour was an artist in residence for research in Japan as part of the Hors les murs residency program.
Her stay in Japan served as an essential step in the creative process for a new series of plays, beyond Plages (the last of which was created at the Royaumont Foundation in August 2012), Plongées (at Gaîté Lyrique/Paris in 10 monthly episodes for the 2013-14 season) and her residency at the Cité de la céramique in Sevres, with the Bol-Sein. One of the stakes involved was raising the question of the notion of total art based on two practices embodying a host of similarities, the Art of Tea and energy-based Ericksonian Hypnosis.
Within the framework of her residency in Kyoto, Catherine Contour presented her Autoportrait dansé en 1 morceau.
Thomas Duchatelet Creation Residency
Hokkaido, Ballet Ensemble, Kobe Jogakuin University, August 2 - December 6, 2014
Thomas Duchatelet, associate curator, along with Kyomi Ichida of an event entitled Ailleurs en Folie Tokyo, to take place in October 2014 at the Maison Folie of Mons (Belgium) as part of the Mons 2015, European Capital of Culture event, was in residency in Japan to set up the program. Initiation and discovery of Japan’s emblematic cultures, learning and tasting new flavors, energy-filled sound and visual performances, motion design, contemporary dance, all offer a true archipelago of sounds and images, and brand new sensations to literally transform the Maison Folie of Mons. The program also highlighted architecture, choreographic and musical performances, installations and exhibits, alternative and popular culture, art de vivre, etc.
  • October 13: public recreation at Studio Architanz Tokyo
  • October 21: Challenge II, Asahikawa City Hall 
  • December 4-6 : In preparation, Kobe Jogakuin University 
  • December 14 : À deux !, West Hiroshima Culture Center 
This residency was supported by the Institut français and the City of Lille within the scope of their partnership.
These different tours and residencies in Japan have been given the support of the Institut français within the scope of its missions aiming to promote French culture abroad.



Picture : [aùt] by Groupe Entorse / Samuel Lefeuvre and Raphaëlle Latini © Virginie Meigne
  •   Twerk, by Cécilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud © Émile Zeizig  
  •   Morceau, by Raphaëlle Latini and Julie Rothhahn  
  •   Intérieur, by Jean-Baptiste André