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Inauguration of the 2017 France-Colombia Year

The 2017 edition of France-Colombia Year, whose main aim is to strengthen already booming bilateral relations, will be officially launched via a key event in Bogota, on December 16-23.
The Presidents of both countries decided to organize a 2017 France-Colombia Year on January 25, 2015. This above all consists in strengthening already-booming bilateral relations and updating France’s perception of Colombia and Colombia’s perception of France. This Year also aims to lend a hand to the deep-rooted transformation undergone by Colombia in its peace process with the FARC’s, and in its effort to grow at the international level.
France already offers many great assets, namely strong economic presence (with 170 companies); good political relations (Colombian support for COP 21); a well-established cultural reputation, however a bit dated; a dense network of 12 Alliances françaises (the second largest in the world after Brazil); and 140 academic cooperation agreements. The stakes involved are those of updating one’s perception of France and highlighting its expertise.
Comprised of two successive seasons (France in Colombia in the first half of 2017, then Colombia in France in the second half of the year), the France-Colombia Year program will cover all sectors of activity and the main cities in both France and Colombia, while fostering long-lasting partnerships and strong involvement on the part of their territorial communities and companies.

A huge inauguration

The official inaugural event of the France-Colombia Year will be held in Bogota, on Bolivar Square, welcoming, from December 16 to 23, a Festival of Lights from Lyon created by Jean-François Zurawik, Director of the Festival of Lights, and artist Damien Fontaine. The audience will be taken in by a giant performance via hands-on visual staging that depicts a world full of dreams, with episodes highlighting major dates in the history of Bogota and Colombia, while shedding light on a host of connections with France.
Fête des lumières à Lyon, DR

France in Colombia highlights

For the France in Colombia Season (December 16, 2016 to July 14, 2017), several other major events will be presented to Colombian spectators; with France as special guest at the Cartagena Music Festival, International Book Fair of Bogota and Fotografica Biennale of Bogota; French Seasons at the Teatro Mayor and the Teatro Colon of Bogota; a Welcome to France in Bogota fair (attracting academia and the worlds of the economy and tourism); a grand exhibit at the CNAP at the Banco de la Republica of Bogota; a major program for artists in residence as well as “Les Assises du français” (French-language educators symposium) in Colombia.

Close-up of the Live Memory Hackathon

Since 2013, LabCitoyen of the Institut français has been helping young citizens of foreign countries give thought to major human rights issues (the digital world, environment, discrimination, etc.).

Within the scope of the France-Colombia Cross-Season, the ‘‘Mémoires vives’’ (Live Memories) event, to be held on December 15-18, former participants of LabCitoyen from 11 Latin American countries including Colombia, will be invited to take part in a hackathon on citizen expertise. For 72 hours, they will together imagine the organization and tools needed for an international network of young human rights ambassadors.

Live Memories, a hackathon for young citizens
December 15-18 at the Atom House co-working space, Bogotá
In partnership with Simplon, Grande Ecole du Numérique-approved plants
Hackhathon "Mémoires vives" / European Lab Forum 2016 © Marion Bornaz
See the 2017 France-Colombia Year program: 
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► On social networks: #AnnéeFranceColombie