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Jazzahead ! in Germany

France was the partner country of the 10th edition of Jazzahead!, the largest fair devoted to jazz and improvised music of Europe. The location was Bremen on April 23-26, 2015, with ‘‘Echoes of France’’.
With nearly 3,000 accredited professionals, Jazzahead!, in action each year since 2006 in Bremen (Germany), is now the largest fair devoted to jazz and improvised music in Europe. For its 10th edition, after Spain, Turkey, Israel and Denmark, France has been selected as its partner country.
For this event, and to benefit fully from this excellent opportunity, it has been decided to conduct an ambitious campaign to promote French jazz and French culture on the whole. Christened ‘‘Echoes of France” and supported by Association Jazzé Croisé, this event was two-fold.
  • Cultural Festival, April 9-23, 2015
On April 9-23, in partnership with the different cultural bodies of the City of Bremen, and the Institut français of Bremen, a true multifaceted festival demonstrated some of the features of today’s French culture in the realms of dance, theater, cinema and literature. The Festival’s opening was held on April 9, with a grand evening devoted to singer Emily Loizeau, trumpeter Erik Truffaz and slammer Dgiz, as a prelude to about 20 events to be held all over the city of Bremen.
  • Trade Fair, April 23-26, 2015
On April 23-26, within the scope of the Jazzahead! Fair, where more than 200 French professionals have already been accredited, France’s visibility was outstanding indeed, with lectures, radio shows, encounters, and more.
French jazz was naturally at the heart of the project for four days, with nearly 100 artists for 20 concerts, and a public of 3,000 professionals: Thomas de Pourquery ‘‘Supersonic’, the National Jazz Orchestra – Olivier Benoit, Papanosh, Sylvain Rifflet Quartet ‘‘Alphabet’’, Donkey Monkey, Henri Texier ‘‘Hope’’ Quartet, Théo Ceccaldi Trio, le Magnetic Ensemble, Richard Galliano ‘‘30th anniversary New Musette Quartet’’, Vincent Peirani ‘‘Living Being’’ Quintet, Airelle Besson Quartet, Raphaële Atlan Quartet, Louis Sclavis ‘‘Silk & Salt Melodies’’, the duo Emile Parisien/Vincent Peirani, Jowee Omicil, Meddy Gerville, a ‘‘Collision Collective’’ evening and Darjeeling Speech.
The ‘‘Echoes of France’’ campaign was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Institut français, SACEM, BUSINESS France, CNV, Bureau Export, SPEDIDAM, ADAMI and FCM.

Find Jazzahead! Videos on the institutfrancais.tv website.



  •   Vincent Peirani et Emile Parisien © Sylvain Gripoix  
  •   Thomas de Pourquery « Supersonic » © Sylvain Gripoix  
  •   Henri Texier « Hope » Quartet © Guy le Querrec - Magnum Photos  
  •   Papanosh © Simon Doazan  
  •   Donkey Monkey © Donkey Monkey  
  •   l’Orchestre National de Jazz - Olivier Benoit © Denis Rouvre  
  •   Théo Ceccaldi Trio © Théo Ceccaldi Trio  
  •   Sylvain Rifflet © Jean-Baptiste Millot