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Korea, Guest at the 2016 Printemps de l'art contemporain in Marseilles

The Printemps de l'art contemporain unites about 50 exhibits and events through artistic paths on the scale of the city of Marseilles. Its 2016 edition will above all be highlighted by the invitation of Korean institutions and artists.
Since May 5, 2016 for a three-week period, the Printemps de l’Art Contemporain has been presenting diverse exhibits and events in Marseilles, in cultural institutions, experimental areas and shopping centers that are members of the Marseilles exhibit network. Based on the principle of exploration, the public has beeb invited to discover the riches of artistic projects that combine respect for standards and being open to all populations.
The focus is on Korea, organized within the scope of the 2015-2016 France-Korea Year. This event is rolled out in ten locations, with individual and collective exhibits developed by ten curators who offer their particular view of this blossoming artistic scene. Beyond the artist, Cody Choi, established at the Contemporary Art Museum, this program gives visitors an opportunity to discover, for the first time in Marseilles, a whole new generation of artists, whether living and working Korea or in diverse European capitals.
Handling paintings, sculptures, performances, photography, videos, etc., these artists strive to scramble all traditional categories and multiply the number of hybrid media used, each exhibit space seen as a playground. Through all the encounters and discoveries it foments, this Korean focus also demonstrates the Marseille artistic scene’s ability to renew itself in a context of opening up internationally, making each new edition of the Printemps de l’art contemporain an area of turbulence with happy collisions.