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A Language Support Program for Student Refugees

The Institut français, within the scope of a partnership with the AUF, will be involved in a support project for secondary education schools to help them include, in their training programs, pertinent language learning tools intended for student refugees.
Given that learning the French language is indeed necessary for purposes of integration and that preparing for one’s professional future must be taken into consideration along with a need to provide an urgent response, the Institut français has become part of the call launched by the AUF (University Francophonie Agency) to help foster the academic integration of student refugees alongside a host of partners including the OIF, MENESR and MAEDI.
Since September, over 1,100 non-French-speaking student refugees from about 20 countries (55% originating from Syria) have been able to benefit by intensive French or foreign language training for academic purposes within 26 project-initiating universities.
In addition to giving classes at French and Belgian universities, funding has also been attributed to the development of learning tools to be provided and shared with other institutions in France and abroad, facing the same issues. Putting together such tools will thus help increase the number of recipients significantly, while a new AUF call is expected to be launched in 2017 to meet booming requests for support.
A list of schools to benefit from this project can be viewed on the AUF website.

Photos : L'Université Rennes 2 est l'un des établissements bénéficiaires du projet, DR.