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Launch of CinED, a European cinema education program

Following the international launch, in October 2014, of an educational program for French cinema, the Institut français has continued and broadened its action by becoming a leader of an ambitious European project focused on cinema education.
The Institut français launched CinEd, a full educational program on European cinema. This project associates partners from seven countries – in addition to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic – and benefits from the support of the Europe creative/Media program.
Based on a digital platform inspired by IFcinéma, this program offers to all of Europe contemporary and heritage films from seven partner countries, subtitled in the seven languages of the project as well as in English. Adapted to the diversity of the young European public, the selection will include films along with learning resources for primary, middle school, high school and university education, to be used both in and outside schools. This program also includes a chapter devoted to the training of instructors.
This program must enable a larger number of young people to encounter European cinema and discover its diversity while developing an ability for a critical analysis and knowledge of cinematographic techniques and language. It complements the French cinema education program launched abroad by the Institut français in October 2014, in partnership with the CNC, which has just added seven new films.
The European program will begin in September 2015 for a one-year experimental phase. Twelve films will be put on line in the first year.
CinEd benefits from the Support of Europe Créative-MEDIA of the European Commission. It has been selected within the scope of a call for proposals, ‘‘Supporting the development of an audience’’, launched in January 2015.

CinEd is implemented by a consortium of partners coordinated by the Institut français: A Bao A Qu (Spain), Os Filhos de Lumière (Portugal), GET-Cooperativa sociale (Italy), NexT et Macondo (Romania), SEVEN (Bulgaria), Association of Czech Film Clubs (Czech Republic), La Cinémathèque française (France).
Associated partners: Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC), Europa Cinemas network, Le Fresnoy, the Institut français of Romania, Instituto de la cinematografia y de las artes audiovisuales (ICAA), Instituto Cervantès, Agencia española de cooperacion intenacional para el Desarrollo (AECID)


Photograph: Kirikou et la sorcière, by Michel Ocelot, one of the 28 films of the French cinema education program