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Living Libraries

‘‘Des bibliothèques vivantes’’ (Living Libraries) offers different innovative experiences combining books and theatrical arts. To be discovered in Europe and in the Middle East, particularly in the libraries of the French Cultural Network.
Program combining performance and digital, hands-on installations, at the crossroads of theatrical arts and the world of books, ‘‘Living Libraries’’ will circulate, in 2016 and 2017, throughout Europe and the Middle East. Launched at the Paris Book Fair on March 17, 2016, the program will make stopovers in Romania, Egypt and Serbia.
Among the artistic proposals are Cabine L.I.R. (Livre In Room) by Joris Mathieu, La Bibliothèque by Fanny de Chaillé and À l’ombre des ondes by the duo Kristoff K. Roll.
‘‘Des bibliothèques vivantes’’ is supported by TransARTE, a program fostering cross-disciplinary approaches giving priority to performance and experimentation, between the theatrical arts, visual arts and literature. It also relies on the Teatroskop specialized network directed by the Institut français of Serbia, which aims at giving a boost to exchanges between France and Southeast Europe in the field of theatrical arts, the ‘‘Plan d'aide aux médiathèques 2016’’ (Plan to aid Media Libraries 2016) and ‘‘Auteurs absents de Paris’’ (Authors absent from Paris) program.

Cabine L.I.R. (Livre In Room) by Joris Mathieu

A literary digital installation designed by Joris Mathieu, la cabine L.I.R. (Livre In Room) offers a literary experience in public areas – libraries, media libraries, theaters, book fairs, etc. Spectators sit inside a booth, choose a book and scan its barcode. The book then appears in the form of a hologram sharing the author’s words.
At each step along this international path, this Babel-like library, in perpetual construction, can enrich its content with new literary sequences.

La Bibliothèque by Fanny de Chaillé

For this performance created by Fanny de Chaillé, the participants – volunteers from the city in which the library hosting the show is located – make up the repertoire of titles open for consultation. Expressing a point of view on a subject, theme or story, they become living books that come into being as the artist makes encounters, taken from ads or by word of mouth.
La Bibliothèque is based on a willingness to meet others and on the idea that everyone can be the author of knowledge, to be shared.

À l’ombre des ondes by the duo Kristoff K. Roll

For an experience of sound theater, À l’ombre des ondes by Kristoff K. Roll, invites the audience to lie down on chaise lounges set up in a very special environment – a theater, art gallery, festival, cultural center, airport, rooftop, etc. – and listen to, via a headset, an electroacoustic improvisation comprised of narrations of intimate, poetic and political dreams collected from the public, then very accurately re-composed in a studio.

Photograph above : Cabine L.I.R. (Livre In Room) by Joris Mathieu
  •   "La Bibliothèque" by Fanny de Chaillé  
  •   "À l’ombre des ondes" by Kristoff K. Roll