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Mingalabar! Festival for Music and Urban Art in Burma

For the 55th anniversary of cultural relations between France and Burma, the multidisciplinary Mingalabar! Festival, held on December 2-4, 2016, will present a number of artistic performances staged in the heart of the city of Rangoon.
According to the grand street art festival tradition in France, MINGALABAR! would like to artistically take over the city of Rangoon for three days, to the beat of a giant puppet parade by the L'Homme debout troupe, to symbolize the friendship between the two countries.
Along the parade trail, over 100 French and Burman artists will present brand new shows to the public (dance, concerts, street shows and fireworks, etc.). Two co-creations are on the agenda, namely between jazz artist Anne Paceo and the Hein Tint Ensemble, and hip hop choreography by Bintou Dembele and Myanmar Street Dance.
MINGALABAR! will also be an opportunity to bring together the citizens of Rangoon to make them aware of recent urban stakes and the role of culture and artists in the urban development of a city. To boost such a dynamic, an urban development plan, with Flyover Art Project, will be shown at the same time (green spaces, street art, redevelopment of sports arenas, etc.).
The MINGALABAR! Festival has been organized by the Institut français of Burma in collaboration with the Regional Government of Rangoon, with the support of the Institut français.