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New French Circus in Germany

A season devoted to the new French circus in Germany offers more than 80 shows, artistic residencies, workshops, discussions and roundtables. The event will take place throughout the year with highlights in Saarbrucken, Potsdam and Berlin.

Opening of the Neuer Zirkus Season - La Saison fait son cirque

The French troupe XY has launched the Neuer Zirkus season in Potsdam with its new production, Il n’est pas encore minuit… – for high-flying stage direction with 22 acrobats. Within the scope of the La saison fait son cirque, four French troupes in all, representatives of the New Circus, will set their suitcases down in Potsdam for the Potsdamer Tanztage festival.
‘‘Tout seul on va plus vite, ensemble on va plus loin, et surtout plus haut’’ with the XY troupe, the Potsdamer Tanztage Festival will begin in a truly spectacular way, in the air. Alone, in a duo or with breathtaking group choreography, 22 artists will experiment using their bodies and gravity, thus uprooting the principles of acrobatic circus. From agitated pushes and shoves to gracious aerial figures, Lindy Hop movements in the round and human pyramids, the XY troupe has succeeded in creating a highly pictorial show, halfway between dance-theater and circus, in the form of a community, a traditional division of genres and an idea of direct, daily solidarity.
While German professionals and public have not waited to discover the new French circus, the Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse (Theater and Dance Bureau) hoped to, by organizing this event, set everything into motion by giving visibility to shows presented on German stages. By this, it helps contribute to structuring, acknowledging and developing a sector that has multiplied its number of initiatives, where there is still a lack of financial means and locations for training, production and special distribution.
The Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse also promotes New Circus via the coproduction of two German shows – Strada by the HeadFeedHand troupe and SoulCorner by Julia Christ – via the Fonds Transfabrik, a Franco-German fund to support creation in the field of the living arts.
This season has been supported by the Institut français, French Ministry of Culture and Communication and Sodexo.


May 4 - BurenCirque - Un carré piste duo - Bonn - Bonner Theaternacht
May 20-21 - Galapiat Cirque - Marathon - Saarbrücken- Festival Perspectives
May 20-21 - Cie XY - Il n'est pas encore minuit - Saarbrücken- Festival Perspectives
May 14-15-16 - Cie sacékripa - Vu - Saarbrücken- Festival Perspectives
May 17-18 - Stéréoptik - Dark Circus - Saarbrücken- Festival Perspectives
May 22 - Cie XY - Il n'est pas encore minuit - Darmstadt - Staatstheater Darmstadt
May 25-26 - Cie XY - Il n'est pas encore minuit - Potsdam - Fabrik Potsdam - Potsdamer Tanztage festival
May 27- 28 - Cie Ea Eo - All the fun - Potsdam - Fabrik Potsdam - Potsdamer Tanztage festival
May 28-29 - Cie De Fracto - Flaque - Potsdam - Fabrik Potsdam - Potsdamer Tanztage festival
June 1-2 - Clément Layes - Title - Potsdam - Fabrik Potsdam - Potsdamer Tanztage festival
June 9-18 - Thierry Collet - Vrai/Faux (rayer la mention inutile) - Tournée dans les Instituts français d'Allemagne et les Centres franco-allemands
June 10-11-12 - Cie du Petit Monsieur - 2 secondes - Bremen - La Strada / Internationales Festival für Strassenkünste
July 15-16 - Benoit Charpe - Les Zèles d'Obus - Berlin - Jour de Fête Berlin / Das deutsch französische Fest
August 4-7 - Cirk BiZ'Art - Cirk BiZ'Art (Cabaret de cirque nouveau mais à l'ancienne) - Berlin - Berlin lacht !
August 26 - Clément Layes - Title - Berlin - Tanz Nacht
August 26-27 - Yoann Bourgeois - Celui qui tombe - Berlin - Tanz im August
August 26-27-28 - Collectif de la Bascule - Quand quelqu'un bouge - Berlin - Berlin Circus Festival
August 30-31 - Marcel et ses drôles de femmes - Miss Dolly - Berlin - Berlin Circus Festival
August 30-31 - Les hommes sensibles - Pièces courtes - Berlin - Berlin Circus Festival
September 2-3-4 - Justine Berthillot et Frédéri Vernier - NOOS - Berlin - Berlin Circus Festival
September 2-3 - Malte Peter - Kor-phi - Dessau - Bauhausfest
September 2-3 - Adrien M / Claire B - Kinetic Sand - Dessau - Bauhausfest
September 16-17-18 sept - Etienne Saglio - Les Limbes - Düsseldorf - Düsseldorf festival
November 2 - Cie Sacékripa - Vu -  Berlin - Schaubude, International Festival Theater der Dinge
November - Etienne Saglio - Les Limbes - Potsdam - Festival UNIDRAM

Photograph above : XY - Il n´est pas encore minuit… © DR
  •   XY - Il n´est pas encore minuit… © DR  
  •   XY - Il n´est pas encore minuit… © DR  
  •   Adrien M/Claire B © Adrien Mondot  
  •   Celui dui tombe Cie Yoann Bourgeois © Géraldine Aresteanu  
  •   Sacékripa -Vu •Alexis Dor