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2017 Nights of Ideas, a Call for Projects

Following the success of the 2016 edition, the Institut français has decided to renew the Night of Ideas, scheduled for January 26, based on the theme of “A Common World’’. A call for projects is now open!
For several years now, a host of events have been attracting a wide public, at dusk, who come to meet researchers, artists and designers, to discover their work and share thoughts in a truly effervescent spirit, a number of festivities dedicated to thought. Discussions of a new genre, via Nights of Philosophy, Nights of Philosophers, Nights of Ideas, etc. have won over thousands of spectators around the world, enthralled with a format that favors an open and generous exchange of ideas.
After helping in such initiatives from London to Tokyo and Buenos Aires to Rabat, the Institut français has proposed taking another step forward on January 26, 2017, in order to:
• Bring together all these Nights of Ideas on the same day, or even the same night, all over the world
• Call on major venues in the realm of knowledge and culture in France and abroad to promote the free circulation of ideas
• Give this event a participative twist, inviting all those who so desire an opportunity to make their proposal for their own Night of Ideas

Take part in the 2017 Night of Ideas!

A call for projects will be open on the Night of Ideas website from December 1, 2016 to January 15, 2017, where all venues devoted to knowledge and culture – bookshops, schools, art centers, associations – in France as well as abroad, will be able to submit their own Night of Ideas projects. Once the proposals have been examined by a Special Committee of the Institut français, those selected will be given ‘‘Night of Ideas’’ approval and appear on a planisphere regrouping all the initiatives concerned, to be accessed via the event’s website.
Do not hesitate to go to the Night of Ideas website for further information!