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Oktobre in Latin America

The Oktobre troupe, with worldwide success, especially following the Focus organized by the Institut français in 2014, has been touring Latin America.
The Oktobre circus troupe will be traveling through Latin American up to May 24, 2016, from Ecuador to Argentina, passing through Colombia and Chile.
In their show entitled Oktobre, the real world is taken apart to absurdity, and no rules that govern the rational world apply. The characters juggle with the laws of physics in a parallel world, where theater, magic and acrobatics come together.


With irresistible black humor, Eva and Jonathan develop a world in black and red, where bodies and objects appear, disappear, become deformed and transformed. We delve into this world where rules have been subtly modified, while feeling fear, astonishment and, finally, smiling serenity, as each thing falls globally back onto its feet. The characters’ clumsiness testifies to their inability to adapt to the real world, magic expressing availability to that which is possible, all crafted by a high-flying circus technique.

Calendar for the Oktobre Tour in Latin America

  • April 20 and 30: Quito, Teatro Sucre
In parallel with these shows, the troupe will perform at the Circo Social of Quito on May 2 and 3.
  • May 6 and 7: Bogota, Teatro Colon
  • My 10, 11 and 12: Santiago de Chile, Matucana 100
  • May 20, 21 and 22: Buenos Aires, within the scope of the Polo Circo Festival
This Oktobre tour follows a FOCUS on Circus, a program to assist foreign program managers abroad in finding French artistic stages, organized by the Institut français in Toulouse and Auch in October 2014. Oktobre was also present in Brazil in October-November 2015.
The tour has benefited from the support of the Institut français and the Midi-Pyrénées Region within the scope of their partnership, the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Argentina, the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Chile, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Alliance française of Quito.

Photograoh above : Oktobre © Daniel Michelon