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Parkour in Romania and Moldavia

The Institut français supports, within the scope of the Franco-German Cultural Fund, two projects, ‘‘parkour, the art of movement and freedom of movement in public areas’’ in Romania and in Moldavia.
Different parkour and freerunning sessions – two sports disciplines and arts of movement, quite demanding for its users, called “tracers” – will be organized in Romania and Moldavia on April 11-24, 2016.
Parkour consists in moving about in different types of environments using one’s motor skills. Tracers develop their body and control via a training method combining running, obstacles, jumps, climbing, etc. Stemming from parkour, freerunning focuses more on the esthetics of movement. This discipline is combined with urban artistic audiovisual productions using an onboard camera.

Parkour in Romania

The Institut français of Romania and the Goethe-Institut of Bucharest have co-organized a parkour and freerunning session in Romania.
Tracers from France and Germany have been invited to set up workshops to make parkour known and for an introduction to this sport in the urban areas of Bucharest and Iasi.
Future events with regard to these objectives will complete these sessions, with workshops on making videos of urban performance and on highlighting the urban planning of cities, with a parkour day reserved solely for women.
  • Reborn Education (Romania) : Reborn Education is the first school of parkour and freerunning in Romania, opened by Cristian Glovaschi and Justin Musina in 2011.
  • Parkour Lyon (France) : The Lyon Parkour school’s aim is to develop and promote parkour through different events, particularly the ‘‘Parkour Jam’’ in Romania, in operation for three years now.
  • Parkour One Hanover (Germany) : Parkour One is a group of tracers from Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy wishing, above all, to preserve and pass down the values of Parkour. Parkour One Hannover, in operation since 2007, seeks to promote this discipline in the Hannover region.
  • April 11-14: Parkour discovery workshops in Bucharest
  • April 14:  Screening of films made during sessions in the Elvire Popescu room
  • April 15: Street performances
  • April 18-21: Parkour discovery workshops in Iasi
  • April 22: Introduction to parkour for girls
  • April 23-24: Parkour National Jam

Parkour in Moldavia

The Alliance française of Moldavia and AKZENTE German Cultural Center will set up sessions together. French (Chau Belle and Laurent Piemontesi from the Art du Déplacement Académy), and German (Matthias Mayer and Silke Sollfrank) instructors will lead parkour workshops with onboard video in the urban area of Chisinau, at the rural level in Orhei Vechi, and set up an international parkour jam session in Chisinau.
Moldavian tracers will also take part in workshops, in a conference on an exchange of experience regarding the jump attitude, organization of parkour in Europe and artistic participation in public areas organized in Iasi, Romania.
Both projects benefit by the support of the Franco-German Cultural Fund that fosters cultural cooperation initiatives jointly by the French and German diplomatic networks.