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A Stopover in Haiti for the 2016 Etonnants voyageurs Festival

The Institut français is a partner of the 4th edition of the Étonnants voyageurs (Astonishing Travelers) Festival in Haiti, to be held on December 1-4, 2016 in Port-au-Prince as well as in several other cities in the country.
The 4th edition of the Étonnants voyageurs Festival in Haiti will unite 40 Haitian and foreign writers (American, Belgian, Bosnia, French, Jamaican, Dutch and Turkish) to engage in a discussion before a wide audience on the theme of ‘‘Self-development’’.
More than 30 meetings, discussions, literary cafés, evening reading sessions and film screenings are on the agenda in institutions such as the Bibliothèque Nationale, Connaissance & liberté FOKAL Foundation, Alliances Françaises, Institut français of Haiti, and in 11 schools (middle and high schools).
This event is being supported by the Institut français.
Guest authors:
Antoine AGOUDJIAN, Rhoddy ALTILUS, Bonel AUGUSTE, Dominique BATRAVILLE, Yahia BELASKRI, In-Koli Jean BOFANE, Faubert BOLIVAR, Pierre BUTEAU, Syto CAVÉ, Bernard CHAMBAZ, Pierre-Michel CHÉRY, Velibor COLIC, Paule CONSTANT, Louis-Philippe DALEMBERT, Ananda DEVI, Miguel DUPLAN, Manno EJÈN, FRANKÉTIENNE, Hakan GÜNDAY, Ricardo HYPPOLITE, Anivince JEAN-BAPTISTE, Jacques Adler JEAN-PIERRE, Inéma JEUDI, Lieve JORIS, Henry KENOL, Dany LAFERRIÈRE, Josaphat Robert LARGE, Michel LE BRIS, Yvon LE MEN, Jean-Robert LÉONIDAS, Guy Gérald MÉNARD, Jean-Euphèle MILCE, Kei MILLER, James NOËL, Makency ORCEL, Ronald C. PAUL, Claude C. PIERRE, Emmelie PROPHÈTE, Guy-Junior REGIS, Jean ROUAUD, Bob SHACOCHIS, Marc-Endy SIMON, Michel SOUKAR, Marie-Alice THÉARD, Evelyne TROUILLOT, Lyonel TROUILLOT, Gary VICTOR et Evains WÊCHE.