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"Tamkin, Committed Youth in the Arab World’’ soon to be released

The Institut français is offering a long format on the web: Tamkin, Les jeunesses engagées du monde arabe (Tamkin, Committed Youth in the Arab World), to be discovered starting on November 20, 2015.
A long format web documentary on young entrepreneurs coming together within the civil societies of the Maghreb and Middle East, Tamkin, Les jeunesses engagées du monde arabe will be released on November 20, 2015. It gives the floor to project initiators who have taken part in SafirLab sessions in Tunis and Amman, in May and October, 2015. These young people testify to their initiatives – in terms of women’s and minority rights, craftsmanship, local governance, education and healthcare -, to their concerns as well as their hopes for their respective countries.

The webdoc

Young adults from Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen have proven to those considering an Arab world necessarily split between dictatorships and religious extremism that there is an alternative, that of a committed youth aspiring to gain freedom. Following the democratic uprisings traveling through North Africa and the Middle East since 2010, they have decided to become the actors of such change by launching ambitious projects in the fields of healthcare, women’s and minority rights, education and sustainable development.
The Institut français, in collaboration with CFI, has assisted these young actors in their approach via the SafirLab program. At two sessions held in 2015 in Tunis and in Amman, they have accepted to bring their testimony. At a time when people have been retreating into their own ethnic groups, Tamkin, les jeunesses engagées du monde arabe is a long format documentary devoted to the courage of those who have come together to start up projects.
Comprised of seven chapters on the themes of education, healthcare, creativity, political commitment, the city, minorities, SafirLab -, the long format documentary gives priority to narration and immersion into the topic through cross-glimpses and close-ups on each one of the participants’ countries.

Launch at the Gaîté lyrique in Paris

This long format documentary will be launched on November 20, 2015 at the Gaîté lyrique at a discussion entitled ‘‘Weaving the Web: 2011-2015, which digital citizenship for the Arab World?’’
Bloggers engaged in cyber-dissidence, young web activists have joined forces to put an end to the authoritarian regimes of North Africa and the Middle East. Five years after the democratic uprisings of 2011, what are the 2.0 committed youth saying today? Journalists and actors of civil society will discuss the role of new technologies in an Arab world more than ever torn between mass surveillance and citizen ‘‘cyber’’ concerns.
  • Myriam Benraad, CERI / Sciences Po
  • Wala Kasmi, Youth Decides
  • Marianne Vidal-Marin, Institut français
  • Marc Saghié, Courrier international
  • Malek Khadraoui, Inkyfada
  • Julien Le Bot, journaliste numérique
  • Modéré par : Ingrid Therwath, Courrier international
Tamkin, Les jeunesses engagées du monde arabe, was directed by La Netscouade. Courrier international is a partner of the project.