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Translation Seminar in Copenhagen

Making an assessment of translations from the French and German languages in Denmark, this was the objective of the seminar organized by the Institut français of Copenhagen and Goethe-Institut, with the support of the Franco-German Cultural Fund.
On November 10 and 11, 2015, in Copenhagen, a seminar devoted to translation brought together personalities from the Danish, German and French worlds of books. Publishers and heads of foreign translation rights, translators and writers reviewed the current situation in the world of translation as well as what currently exists in terms of aid. They exchanged their views and experiences with regard to the specific aspects of Danish publishing as well as the means for developing French and German translation in Denmark.
Despite the economic difficulties with which the industry of publishing is confronted in Denmark, a number of works translated from French and German have been stabilized over the past years. However, the presence of French and German authors within the Danish editorial landscape appears to be secondary compared to the great presence of Anglo-Saxon literature. This review posed a number of questions in terms of cultural diversity and the standardization of offerings.
In a Europe that has chosen multilingualism and pluriculturalism, it seems relevant to question the role of translation within Danish publishing production as well as in its neighboring European countries, and to attempt to consolidate the ties between professionals and German, French and Danish books.
Organized by the Institut français of Denmark and the Goethe Institut in Copenhagen, in collaboration with their Danish partners, this seminar benefits from the support of the Franco-German Cultural Fund, a fund to assist cooperation projects in third countries. It follows the lines of Bogforum, the Copenhagen Book Fair, held on November 6-8, thus enabling heads of translation rights to meet their Danish counterparts.

French publishing houses attending

  • Agence littéraire Wandel-Cruse
  • Éditions de l’Olivier
  • Flammarion
  • Gallimard
  • Grasset
  • Albin Michel
  • Gaïa éditions
  • Payot & Rivages
  • P.O.L
  • Seuil
  • Stock

Photograph : Dansk Forfatterforening where the seminar was held