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A tribute to French contemporary music in Latin America

Program managers from Argentina, Colombia and Mexico have joined forces to welcome French artists discovered at a Focus dedicated to contemporary music organized by the Institut français in 2015.
After welcoming, in early August, the Le Balcon ensemble conducted by Maxime Pascal; for the Argentinian creation, Avenida de los Incas; the Centro Experimental du Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires will be hosting two French creations this fall: En el otro cielo, ballet composed by Pascal Dusapin and choreographed by Diana Theocharidis, on October 13-18; and on November 10-15, Kamchatka, an opera by Daniel D’Adamo, created by the Almaviva ensemble. The last work, inspired by an eponymous novel by Marcela Figueras, echoes the painful period of the 1976 coup d’état in Argentina. Almaviva will also perform Kamchatka in Paris, in January 2017, at the Dunois theater.
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On October 4-9, several Mexican festivals will be welcoming Décor Sonore, a troupe run by Michel Risse, with Urbaphonix; in which a moving team of five musicians equipped with small microphones transforms the city streets into a sound landscape, creating different paths, depending on the medium available, as well as on their sound potential (urban furniture, grilles, doors, shutters, roofs, etc.). Urbaphonix will be present in Morelia for the Visiones Sonoras Festival, Guanajuato, for the Cervantino Festival, Mexico City at the Centro Nacional de la Artes (Cenart), and Cuernavaca.
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The year will end magnificently, with the improvisational quintet, Hubbub, on tour in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, from November 24 to December 4. With Frédéric Blondy on the piano, Jean-Sébastien Mariage on the guitar, Bertrand Denzler and Jean-Luc Guionnet on the saxophone, and Edward Perraud on the drums, Hubbub has, over its 15 years of existence, built a true sound identity, in a magnificent array of colors.
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Photo : Décor Sonore – Urbaphonix © Vincent Vanhecke
  •   Décor Sonore – Urbaphonix © Vincent Vanhecke  
  •   Décor Sonore – Urbaphonix © Nicola Milatovic  
  •   Pascal Dusapin © Laurent Vilarem  
  •   Quintet Hubbub © DR