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XXF – Very Very French Festival in Turkey

Owing to the success of its first two editions, the XXF – Very Very French – Festival, dedicated to French new music, was back to highlight the Istanbul musical scene in the fall, from November 20 to December 4.
Organized by the Institut français of Istanbul, XXF – Very Very French enables music lovers to discover the best there is to find in the French musical scene – electro, jazz and pop. On the program were the bands Plaza Francia, Brigitte, Chinese Man, Grant Lazlo, FKJ, Collège, Rone, as well as Renaud Garcia-Fons in a duet with Deryan Türkan, from Istanbul.

November, 20: Plaza Francia


November, 20: Grant Lazlo


November, 25: Pony Pony Run Run


November, 26: Silk Moon


November, 27: FKJ


November, 27: Chinese Man

December, 2 : Brigitte


December, 4: College


December, 4: Rone