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The program in figures

The program

On issues such as a right to education, awareness of healthcare stakes, setting up citizen media, women’s rights, all over the Arab world, young people have become active in developing their societies, improving their daily lives and promoting freedom of expression. Since 2012, SafirLab, a laboratory for change of the Institut français and CFI, has been assisting such young actors from societies undergoing change.
Designed as a true laboratory, a ‘‘catalyst’’ for social innovation, SafirLab enables its participants to benefit, in Paris, from the expertise of eminent actors from the French civil society, to share their local successes and design new stages for their entrepreneurial or community projects.
In three work languages, French, English and Arabic, the assistance offered by SafirLab is comprised of workshops, personalized mentoring and individual meetings in companies, associations and institutions. Through such a customized program, participants will be able to further their skills, make their initiatives known and broaden their network of contacts and partners.
SafirLab thus provides strategic support to all those who will play a major role, tomorrow, in the economic, social and cultural life of their country.
Co-organized in partnership with CFI.
CFI is the cooperation agency of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development in charge of coordinating and leading French policy for aid to development in favor of media in the South.


Marianne Vidal-Marin, Project Manager for New Actors in Citizenship

They Testify

How to register

Each year in April, a platform for a call for public applications receives participants’ requests. Then, a selection committee selects about 20 applications from nine countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Tunisia and Yemen.
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The Partners

  • La Netscouade

    La Netscouade is a pioneer digital social web agency and leader in innovation, strategic communication and rich media, web and mobile production. A collaborator of SafirLab since its second edition, La Netscouade designs workshops and targeted ‘‘new media-digital stakes’’ professional meetings for Lab participants.
  • Groupe SOS

    With its 14,000 employees and 405 organizations and services, Groupe SOS is one of the leading European social companies. For over 30 years now, it has endeavored to make economic efficiency serve the interests of the general public. In doing so, it answers to the stakes of today’s society by developing innovative solutions in its five main fields of activity: youth, employment, solidarity, health, seniors. Each year, Groupe SOS’ actions have an impact on over one million people.
  • Bond’Innov

    Bond'innov is the first innovative incubator. It offers privileged access to the unique network of French Research operating with the countries of the South through 30 relay points in the world thanks to the IRD and its 2,000 collaborators. Bond'Innov also supports innovative entrepreneurship with the countries of the South.
  • MakeSense

    MakeSense is an international community that rallies SenseMakers and Gangsters in 128 cities across the world to help social entrepreneurs to solve their challenges. By putting together their skills and ideas, they can help social entrepreneurs create and develop their businesses and solve the most pressing issues faced by society in such arenas as: education, health, environment, food, etc.
  • OuiShare

    A non-profit founded in January 2012 in Paris, OuiShare has rapidly evolved from a handful of enthusiasts to a global community spread across Europe, North, Latin America and the Middle East. Powered by a network of OuiShare Connectors who lead projects and activities, its main hubs are Paris, Barcelona, London, Munich, Montreal and Rio.
  • Médiapart

    Mediapart is a digital newspaper, independent and participative created in 2008. It was born of the will of four journalists: François Bonnet, Gérard Desportes, Laurent Mauduit and Edwy Plenel. The other two founders are Marie-Hélène Smiéjan and Godefroy Beauvallet.