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Seasons, Years, Festivals

Initiated in 1985 by the Institut français, the "Seasons" or "Cross-years" have served to establish a dialogue between France and over 50 countries around the world. Initially focused solely on arts and culture, they are today open to research, higher learning, education, sport, tourism, economy and gastronomy.
For a period of three to six months (“Season”) or six to twelve months (“Year”), seasonal events are selected at the highest governmental level, hence reflecting the strategic orientations of France’s external cultural policy.

Seasons in progress

France-Korea Year 2015-2016 (September 2015-December 2016)
The France-Korea Cross-year will begin with a Year of Korea in France, from September 2015 to August 2016, to continue with a Year of France in Korea, from January to December 2016. It will particularly highlight contemporary creation and the involvement of young generations in both countries.
Paris-New York Tandem (2016)
Its fifth edition organized with the City of Paris will be held in 2016 with a transatlantic cultural exchange program in partnership with the City of New York.


France-Colombia Year 2017
First cross-year organized in South America since the France-Brazil Year, the France-Colombia Year will kick off in the first half of 2017 with the French Season in Colombia, followed by a Colombian Season in France in the second half of 2017.
France-Israel Year 2018
Twelve years after the “Voilà!” Festival, in 2006, the year 2018 will be one devoted to a cross-year between France and Israel.

And more recently...

Paris-London Tandem (March-July, 2015)
For Tandem’s fourth edition, Paris and London will share their cultural riches and diversity with a wide public on both sides of the Channel.
Rendez-vous’”, Festival of France in Croatia (May-September, 2015)
Following the success of the ‘‘Croatie, la voici’’ Festival in the fall of 2012, it is France’s turn to organize its own festival in Croatia, from May to September 2015.
In the spring of 2015, the French public was invited to discover the diversity and riches of contemporary creation in Singapore, particularly in the fields of visual arts, stage arts, cinema and design, in the aim of cooperation and exchange between French and Singaporean institutions.
France-China 50 (2014-2015)
For the 50th anniversary of the establishment of France-China diplomatic relations, more than 400 events have been organized throughout 2014 in both China and France.
France-Vietnam Year (2013-2014)
Following the French Season in Vietnam in 2013, the Vietnamese Season opened in January 2014. As the second chapter of the France-Vietnam Year, it celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
France-South Africa Reciprocal Seasons 2012 & 2013
From July to November, 2012, South Africa has hosted an extraordinarily rich French Season. In return France opened its doors to South Africa from May to December, 2013. It was the first Season organized by the Institut français with a Sub-Saharan African country.
Dakar-Paris Tandem (April-December, 2013)
Photography, cinema, music, fashion, digital cultures, circus and dance are some of the 80 events, and more, organized between the two French and Senegalese capitals.
Croatie, la voici (Here is Croatia) Festival in France (September–December, 2012)
For four months, Paris and Greater Paris welcomed 350 Croatian artists and speakers to 60 locations, for 18 exhibits, 25 concerts, 16 theater and choreographic performances, 25 encounters, etc.

Photographs: 100 % Croatia, Grandes tables at 104, with chef Marina Gasi, December 2012 (Croatie, la voici); Swan Lake by Dada Massilo (France-South Africa Cross-Seasons 2012 & 2013); Tiffany Chung, Made In Asia, Bubble shooter and friends © DR (Vietnam Season in France); France-South Africa Test match at the Stade de France, November 23, 2013 © Catherine Vinay (France-South Africa Reciprocal Seasons 2012 & 2013).
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