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The Institut supports many businesses and corporate foundations in their development of cultural operations on the international scale.

The Institut français is the only public body offering its patrons a broad range of projects to support in France and around the world in the fields of culture, language, knowledge and ideas. The goal of the Institut français is to support the creators of today and to discover the talents of tomorrow. It offers a unique range of over 2,000 projects annually in 140 countries around the world.


In addition to the State's contributions, the Institut français finances its actions through sponsorship from patrons. Representing much more than a mere financial contribution, these patrons play an active role in spreading French culture across the globe and thus effectively contribute to the dialogue between France and the cultures of the world.


The Institut français offers its patrons several unique and tailored partnership solutions depending on the activities they wish to support:

  • “Seasons" celebrate bilateral relations between France and a partner country over a relatively short period of time in a wide range of areas: culture, the economy, research and innovation, education, sports, tourism, gastronomy, etc.
  • “Programmes” take place over the long term and enable sponsors to support the local development of a sector: Cinémathèque Afrique, SafirLab, la Fabrique Cinéma, etc.
  • “Events” are an opportunity for patrons to be associated with an exceptional operation, often a window into what French culture does best: Venice Contemporary Art and Architecture Biennales, the Nuit des idées (“Night of Ideas”), etc.


In return for their involvement, patrons receive various forms of recognition, including exclusive advantages in terms of visibility in France or abroad, prestigious public relations, tools for their internal communications and regular reports on the progress of the project supported.