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A Night of Ideas to "(Re)build together"

Taking place during the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the 7th edition of the Night of Ideas will be held on 27 January and will run until Spring 2022. Under the theme "(Re)building together", it explores the resilience of our societies and economies faced with new challenges, and the solidarity and mobilisation that these challenges generate. 

Updated on 09/05/2022

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A festival of thought on a global scale

Since 2016, the Institut français has invited centres of culture and knowledge across France and the five continents to celebrate the open exchange of ideas and knowledge on the last Thursday of January. Over the course of one evening, the Night of Ideas offers conferences, meetings, forums and workshops, as well as shows based on a theme that everyone can interpret in their own way. 

This edition will take place in more than 100 countries and nearly 200 cities, from 27 January until the end of May. The Night of Ideas 2022 invites personalities from all walks of life to "(Re)build together": to rebuild the links within societies, to better face the complex crises that require communal action, to rebuild trust between institutions, citizens and countries, and to rebuild in order to reflect on the future of our methods of production, housing and way of life. 

Around the world, the Night of Ideas will have a European dimension as part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 

A night of ideas for Europe

Across the European Union, Nights of Ideas will give the floor to personalities from the arts and sciences, from public commitment and authorities, from the media and from the voluntary sector, to imagine the Europe of the future to meets the challenges of today. 

From the Central Library in Amsterdam to the Farnès Palace in Rome, these events will be celebratory and probing. These Nights will feature unprecedented encounters between major intellectual figures, including the Uruguayan and Finnish writers Carmen Posadas and Sofia Oksanen in Madrid, the Portuguese and Estonian scientists Elvira Fortunato and Maarja Kruusmaa in Lisbon and the German and Hungarian writers Navid Kermani and Péter Nádas in Berlin. 

Nuit des idées 2022
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Nuit des idées 2022
Nuit des idées 2022 (Bande-annonce)

A Night of ideas at the Collège de France

A highlight of this Night of Ideas with a European dimension, the Institut français will be hosting an exceptional evening at the Collège de France on 12 March, in partnership with the Jacques Delors Institute. More than 50 young people from all over Europe, noted for their commitment to human, social or environmental rights, will present their proposals for the future of Europe on stage at the Collège de France. With the opportunity to vote on the most convincing proposals, the audience will then be able to attend a debate between these committed young personalities, experts and public actors. A unique Night that will bring together emerging voices from all over the Union to build a more united and stronger Europe. 

The Institut français and the event

An annual meeting devoted to the free movement of ideas and knowledge, the Night of Ideas is coordinated by the Institut français. Learn more about the Night of Ideas 

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