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6e édition du festival Ciné-Jardins
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Ciné-Jardins 2020, documentary film festival and ecology

In the framework of the Dialogue de Trianon, a platform of cooperation between French and Russian civil societies, the Institut français is supporting the 6th edition of the Ciné-Jardins festival organised by the La Fabrique documentaire agency in north-west Paris and adjoining municipalities from 20 August to 12 September 2020.

Updated on 27/04/2022

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Each year, Ciné-Jardins is set up in nature areas in the city to address the theme of ecology as broadly as possible through sharing and understanding. The projected documentary films are free and lead onto discussions. A buffet to contribute to is also provided.

In relation to the “climate and environment” theme explored by the Dialogue de Trianon, this year Russia is showcased on the programme. Two films by the film-maker Aleksei Vakhrushev will be shown in particular: The Tundra Book (2011), which follows a Chuckchi family whose lifestyle is threatened today, and Le livre de la mer (2018), about fishermen from the same region affected by the change in conditions arising from climate change. There is an opportunity to discuss the two hard-hitting works with the director following the film screenings. A film by Clément Cogitore, Braguino (2017), on families who have chosen isolation – threatened today – in the Siberian taiga will also be shown. A famous short animated film, Hedgehog in the fog by Youri Norstein (1975) finishes off the programme.

Access to the open-air screenings is free.

In reciprocity, a documentary festival on the environment showcasing French film-makers will be organised in 4 Russian cities in the autumn. This festival will be presented by the Russian agency Cool Connections and benefit from the partnership with La Fabrique documentaire, and also the support of the French Embassy in Russia and the Institut français.

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Ciné-Jardin 2020
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