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Théâtre des Doms
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Festival d’Avignon 2021!

The Festival d’Avignon is a major theatre and live performance meeting, which will take place from 5 to 25 July this year. As it does every year, the city of Avignon will turn its emblematic places into performance spaces for the Festival’s 75th edition. For the occasion, the Institut français gives you the opportunity to discover those contributing to the Festival, In and Off, live performance artists as well as creations that will be presented at Avignon.

Updated on 12/07/2021

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Nathalie Béasse

Multidisciplinary artist Nathalie Béasse is presenting the show ceux-qui-vont-contre-le-vent (those who go against the wind) during the Festival d’Avignon. By answering our questions, she looks at the way in which she intertwines disciplines (theatre, visual arts, dance) in her works and the way she considers the stage and the spectator’s view.

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De la sexualité des orchidées, by Sofia Teillet

Sofia Teillet’s play, De la sexualité des orchidées (On The Sexuality of Orchids), will be presented at the Théâtre du train Bleu in Avignon. Alone in a quirky setting, the actress Sofia Teillet explores the different ways we love through the sexual reproduction of an orchid.

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De la sexualité des orchidées - Sofia Teillet - Atelier 210
De la sexualité des orchidées - Sofia Teillet - Atelier 210

Pascal Keiser

Pascal Keiser is the founder of La Manufacture, the programme of which is an unmissable part of the Avignon off Festival. Since 2020 he has also been director of the “FXP Festival Expériences”, the digital subsidiary of the Festival d'Avignon, which enables him to work on making culture widely available while mixing live performance and new technologies.

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Autophagies, a show by Eva Doumbia

Author and director Eva Doumbia is presenting the show Autophagies during the 75th Festival d’Avignon. Through cooking, and in particular the preparation of a dish, maafe, Autophagies explains that the food we eat has a story.

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Live Performance Focus in Avignon

As part of the 75th Festival of Avignon, the Institut Français will be holding four days full of discovery for around 20 European professionals. Have a look at the photos of the places hosting these encounters and the shows that will be presented there.

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Cie Belova-Iacobelli - Tchaika, au Théâtre des Doms le 9 juillet 2021
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Paul Rondin

Paul Rondin, assistant director of the Festival d’Avignon, was interviewed before the summer and explains how the 2021 edition was prepared, looks back at the launch of the Festival Expériences (FXP) and explains the consequences of the health crisis on live performance.

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"ça va ça va le monde !" at the Festival d’Avignon 

For his 9th edition, « ça va ça va le monde ! » will propose you to discover, from 11 to 15 July 2021 at the Lycée Vincent de Paul in Avignon and on the RFI radio, authors from Africa and Haiti. 

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Souleymane Bah

Souleymane Bah was awarded the RFI Théâtre Prize in 2020 for his text La Cargaison (The Cargo), which will be read in Avignon on Sunday 11 July. After receiving this award, the Guinean author answered our questions about his career path, texts and their meanings

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The Institut français and the event

The Institut français is organising the Live Performance Focus in Avignon from 7 to 11 July, in partnership with the Festival d’Avignon, LAPAS (the French Association of Performing Arts Administration Professionals), La Manufacture, le Théâtre des Doms and the Théâtre du Train Bleu.

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