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ICC Immersion
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ICC Immersion: a new programme dedicated to the internationalisation of French cultural and creative companies




The launch of ICC Immersion, created and funded as part of France 2030, has been entrusted to the Institut français and Business France. 

Updated on 22/09/2022

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The launch of ICC Immersion, created and funded as part of France 2030, has been entrusted to the Institut français and Business France.

Initially, it will be aimed at cultural companies seeking to establish a presence in Canada, South Korea, Israel or the United Kingdom, before being rolled out to other markets.

ICC Immersion is a programme aimed at innovative companies working in at least one sector of the cultural and creative industries (ICCs) – immersive realities, video games, music, design, architecture, audiovisual, etc. – that have strong international potential and wish to grow in a target market.

As part of France 2030, one of the ten goals of which aims to “produce the cultural content of tomorrow”, ICC Immersion is being launched in partnership with the Banque des Territoires (Caisse des Dépôts Group). The programme draws on the joint expertise of the Institut français, the diplomatic and cultural networks of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Business France and its offices abroad.

ICC Immersion will allow the selected companies to develop an in-depth understanding of the ecosystems of their target countries, receive assistance with defining their strategy in light of the challenges and constraints of local markets, and benefit from networking in order to promote business opportunities. Participating companies will be put in contact with local innovation stakeholders, partners, financial backers and clients through tailored meetings and attendance at key events for the relevant industries.

The programme, which is custom-built according to the country, will offer the selected companies three immersive phases: remote immersion in a hybrid format for one to four weeks, in-person group immersion for one to two weeks, and additional individual immersion for up to six months for companies requiring a longer presence (such as for a planned long-term establishment).

Four countries with major market opportunities for the French cultural and creative industries have been selected as pilot locations for the launch of this programme in 2022: Canada, South Korea, Israel and the United Kingdom. This will then be rolled out to other promising markets for the ICCs.

Calls for applications are open from 15 September to 20 October 2022. 

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